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Daire "Enigma"

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1Daire "Enigma" Empty Daire "Enigma" on Sun May 05, 2013 12:22 pm


Name: Daire
Age: 19
Height: 6’2”
Body: Athletic
Hair: Spiky, Brown
Eyes: Amber
Job: Pokémon Ranger 


Daire in an intense person that often comes across as uncaring due to his seriousness. He is quiet and speaks mostly with his eyes, which are remarkably expressive. He has a strong connection with his Pokémon and many might think that they are the one true thing he cares about.


Nobody can claim to know where Daire was born or raised, but they do know that he is not from Unova and that he came over on a boat four years ago. He now lives in the forest north of Opelucid City where no one can bother him. Since he arrived, he has participated in almost every tournament that has been held in Unova. When questioned by reporters at the last tournament he won, regarding his family, he said, “The only family I have left are my Pokémon.” He gained the title of Ranger a mere two years ago, at the age of seventeen and it is normal to see him on one side of the region one day, and the other side of it the next. Despite his withdrawn personality, it is obvious that he has a desire to help.


Togekiss, Croí : Female
Thunder Wave, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Roost

When Daire first set foot on Unova soil, Croí was beside of him. It is said that they met when Daire was a child. She has a clam nature and is often seen floating through the air with her eyes closed, enjoying the drafts. Her serene grace has gained her admiration across Unova.

Dragonite, Dorn : Male
Outrage, Fire Punch, Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance

Dorn also arrived to Unova alongside Daire, though he was a Dragonair at the time. Since that time, he has proven to be one of Daire’s strongest Pokémon, winning him tournaments and helping him solve problems across Unova. If a natural disaster strikes, the people of Unova expect to see him flying in at high speeds.  He has an adamant nature and refuses to give up when there is a task before him.

Tangrowth, Milis : Female
Knock-Off, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Power Whip

Milis was carrying Daire’s bags when he stepped off of the ship. She is the mother of his group, caring for all of them all ike a well-paid nanny. Her ability to tuck things away in her vines makes her rather popular with other Pokémon. She always has poffins on her and is generous with sharing them. She has a relaxed nature and enjoys rocking baby Pokémon in her large arms.

Vaporeon, Abhainn: Female
Roar, Wish, Protect, Scald

Daire admitted to catching Abhainn when she was an eevee, though she had already evolved prior to his arrival. She has a careful nature and is very protective of her companions. Her favorite activity is lounging on the stones in the river beside of Daire’s house, basking in the sunlight.

Donphan, Sciath : Male
Rapid Spin, Stealth Rock, Ice Shard, Earthquake

Sciath was still a Phanpy when Daire arrived. The shiny Pokémon was hiding between his owner’s legs when they first stepped off of the ship. At a tournament one year, he evolved into a Donphan and he has relished in his newfound size ever since. He is a prankster by nature, but Daire keeps a strict hand on him, insisting that he be as disciplined as the others are.

Chandelure, Aidin : Male
Focus Blast, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball

Aidin was Daire’s first Pokémon caught in Unova. When he arrived at his  new home north of Opelucid City, the old stone house was overgrown with vines and pitch black inside. Aidin, a Litwik at the time, had the upstairs bedroom lit with a golden light. Daire was not aware that he was shiny when he captured him, this being the first of his kind that he had seen, but he was quickly informed about it upon his first visit to the City.

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