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Remmy Slaughter

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1Remmy Slaughter Empty Remmy Slaughter on Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:25 pm

Name: Remmy Slaughter
Age: Eighteen

Height: 5’7
Body: Slightly muscular  
Hair: She has black and blood red, layered hair
Eyes: Her right eye is orange, her left is yellow and each pupil is a horizontal slit.
Job: Pokemon Doctor


Remmy is soft hearted. Do not let her appearance, and apathy fool you, she probably wishes she were close to you. She grew more attached to pokemon than she ever felt she could with people. Keeping a slight distance from most it is hard to reach her at times, but if you work, you may be able to.


Remmy kept to herself as a child, having grown a fear of rejection. Around the age of five her parents suffered a divorce and Remmy figured that if the two people that were supposed to care for each other in this world could cast one another out of their own lives, others would do it to her.
She grew up trying her hardest not to get attached. She would wander into the tall grass just to get lost, eventually finding wild pokemon. Instead of attacking her, she was able to befriend one or two. These pokemon helped her through everything.
Her father left the town when she was seven to become a pokemon trainer, and she was left with her mother. Upon her father’s sudden interest in training, she decided she wanted to give it a go, and began to study up on every aspect. She soon fell in love with the medical side of pokemon and soon found herself moving to Unova.
Remmy runs a small herbal pokemon hospital out of her small shack in Pinwheel forest.


Remmy Slaughter 134
Vaporeon, Delta: F
Moves: Quick Attack, Water Gun, Tackle, Sand-Attack

Delta was one of the first pokemon that Remmy ran into. She encountered Delta as an eevee, which was one of the two pokemon that helped her through her parent’s issues.

Remmy Slaughter 229
Houndoom, Danger: M
Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember, Beat Up

Danger was in a tough predicament. His trainer had set his pokeball on the door step to the hospital and he lingered there with barely any health. When Remmy opened the pokeball for the first time, she received a lick in the face accompanied by a whimper. As many animal lovers could tell you, their fate together was sealed from first kiss, or lick, rather…

Remmy Slaughter 002
Ivysaur, Kai: M
Moves: Razor Leaf, Take Down, Vine Whip, Leech Seed

Kai came to Remmy of his own desire. He was injured from a trainer that fought and fled. Remmy fixed him up and he began to hang around in attempts to help the doctor. Remmy eventually saw through Kai’s disguise. Who needs a bed, when Kai will allow you to sleep on his back?

Remmy Slaughter 123
Scyther, Leda: F
Moves: Cut, Fly, Fury Cutter, Wing Attack

Leda was interested in Remmy’s shack, and decided that she’d take a look inside for herself. Remmy came home one afternoon to find Leda rooting through the herbs and having knocked over many items.


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