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Rin Kurisk

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1Rin Kurisk Empty Rin Kurisk on Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:12 am

Name: Rin Kurisk
Age: 16
Height: 5’3”
Body: Short With Round Hips
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Job: Day-Care Owner


Rin is very thoughtful and caring, typically putting others before herself. She is kind of bashful and is often difficult to get out of her shell, but once you do, you could not ask for a better friend. She will do anything for both her friends and the Pokémon in her care.


Rin’s parents are Pokéball Mechanics who have their Corporate Headquarters in Nimbasa. They often travel to other regions making sales and gathering research. Their busy lives have led to them not having much time for Rin. At the age of six, she moved from her family home on Route 6 to live with her grandmother at her Pokémon Nursery on Route 3.

Over the years, she developed a strong connection with the Pokémon at the daycare. It is where she acquired most of her team. Now, she runs the majority of the nursery because her Grandmother is old and unable to do much of the work. She still visits her old family home from time to time, but only to keep it up. The silence always makes her a bit uncomfortable.


Rin Kurisk 579
Reuniclus (Shiny), Name: Zeri
Gender: Female
(First Pokemon and Partner.)

Zeri was an egg that her grandparents had given to her as a present when she was only two. It hatched soon after. Never realizing that there was anything different about her when she was a Solosis, Rin did not know until later that she was a shiny. The two grew up together and rarely parted. Zeri has a very similar personality to Rin, being caring and joyful. When Rin moved to the daycare with her grandparents, Zeri helped her more than all of her other Pokemon.

Rin Kurisk 403
Shinx (Shiny), Name : Notch
Gender :Male

Rin met Notch when she was five. She was out picking flowers for her mother and father, who had just returned, and wandered off too far towards chargestone cave. She heard a whimpering noise off in the distance and she followed the noise to find a small Shinx cub on the ground. Its mother was nowhere to be found and it appeared to be really underfed and scared to be alone. Picking it up, she held it to see that it had a crooked tail and its ribs were showing. She rushed home to show her parents her discovery and they helped her nurse it back to health. Not realizing how attached that he had grown to Rin, she tried to release him when he was in a better condition, however he refused to leave and followed her back home. She simply couldn't bare to push away the young, barely understanding Pokemon, so she kept it and grew very attached to it. Her first Pokemon, Zeri, got along well with the cub as well. They grew to be great friends, and she named him Notch, due to his crooked tail.

Rin Kurisk 595
Joltik, Name: Aranea
Gender: Male

Rin had wanted a Joltik since she was little. Her parents often sent her gifts while they traveled, so when she was eleven they transferred her a baby Joltik for her own. She was very excited and has taken great care of it ever since, raising it to be strong.

Rin Kurisk 172
Pichu (Notched Ear), Name: Momo
Gender: Male

Rin's grandparent's partners are both Pikachus, and one day they found an egg. Rin was asked to tend to the egg until it hatched. When it hatched it was very normal in every aspect, healthy and rather adorable, but it's right ear had notches in it. Rin decided to raise it rather than setting it free.

Rin Kurisk 077
Ponyta (Shiny), Name: Jadi
Gender: Female

Rin was picking berries one day when it started to rain. Just as she was about to head back home, she saw a strange blue colored light in the grass. She approached to find an abandoned Ponyta in the rain. She took it home to nurse it back to health. The next day she went to the nearest Pokemon Centers and hung up posters for the missing Pokémon. After a few months passed and no one came for her, Rin decided to keep her. It has a very bitter nature towards anyone but Rin, but the two have a strong bond.

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