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Jade Sevryn

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1Jade Sevryn Empty Jade Sevryn on Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:14 am

Name: Jade Sevryn
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Trainer
Description: The first thing you will notice about this girl is that for her age, she is very mature in her physical appearance, even if it's obvious she's still a kid at heart. Her hair is black and messy, while also being very long. She usually has it up in a ponytail so that it's off her face, especially during a battle. She's almost always smiling, and this optimism is contagious, although sometimes her seemingly endless cheer can be a bit overwhelming to others. The important thing to remember is that she's almost always excited, and it takes a LOT on get on her bad side.

You can guesstimate her at being around 5'6, and because of her interest in staying healthy, she's mildly athletic in build- slightly muscular with soft curves, rather than noticeable muscle mass. In any case, she's relatively healthy-looking. Her skin is lightly tanned, due to the amount of time she spends outside training her pokemon, and a splatter of freckles dots her face, arms, and chest. She is virtually blind without her glasses, and her hazel eyes often change slowly from blue to green or vise versa, sometimes with a grey-ish tint, over the course of a day.

When I said before that she was physically mature, I meant that puberty had done her a ton of favors. She is embarrassed about her own appearance, though, so she often wears baggy clothes to hide it- jeans, a t-shirt, and sometimes a large hoodie will do the trick (she is thin-blooded, so she is often cold anyways.) Unless she's on a date, in which case she is often dressing up to impress... which never ends good, especially because of how quirky she is.


  • Awkward;; Living as an orphan and raising herself along with help from a certain furry friend, has given Jade a number of traits, and not all of them are positive. Like this one for instance. Jade was raised alone. Up until she was around 10 years old, she had no idea how to communicate her emotions correctly or how to socialize. She's much better now, but there are still moments when she's socially awkward.

  • Fierce;; Despite that, she can be pretty fierce when she's pushed, and especially if she's irritated. She was raised to take care of herself- don't forget that. She may be nice, and cheery all the time, but she's no push over and isn't one to be underestimated just because she's kind of a dork.

  • Cheerful;; Jade is ALWAYS smiling. You can depend on her for a laugh, and for a good time. She's easy to talk to and a good listener, even though she doesn't always understand the situation. She's very good at making people feel better even if she doesn't think she is.

  • Clueless; Because of her backstory, Jade can sometimes make simple, stupid mistakes, and not know anything about it at all. It's not that she's doing it on purpose, it's just that there are certain things that she doesn't know any better about.

  • Passionate;; Be warned if you mention any of the subjects that Jade is interested in- she's intensely passionate about her interests and can talk to you for hours about them. Sometimes it's best not to get her started.

  • Modest;; Still, Jade is not a braggart, and she likes to think that she's fairly modest with her skills and abilities. She doesn't like to exaggerate or lie about what she can and can't do and if this means that sometimes she makes herself look weak, then so be it.


     Jade's parents were merchant traders who ran a trade route from region to region. They loved each other very much and soon were blessed with a small baby girl. Jade grew up around dog pokemon, seeing as Her parents had an Arcanine and a Houndoom who were trained to guard the caravan and the family from potential threats. I was when Jade was 3 years old that her father entrusted her with a Growlithe puppy and she was taught how to raise it. However, this happy life was soon brought to destruction.

     Unfortunately, a group of bandits attacked them late at night with a Cloyster, who wiped the floor with both the guard dogs and killed everyone else, making off with the merchandise and everything. Jade was so small that she was able to hide in the back of one of the wagons with her Growlithe and when they left, she searched for survivors among the wreckage, and saw only ruins. From then on, jade was alone, with only her Growlithe to keep her company. They cared for each other like siblings, and traveled around to escape being sent to an orphanage. When she was old enough, they set off to make the Pokemon League and are currently still trying to earn badges. She learned early on that she couldn't rely on just one pokemon to win battles- she had to formulate a team. So far, she's done that, but she still stuck around Dog-ish looking pokemon, with the exception of the Eevee she eventually evolved into Vaporean.

Arcanine || Calcifer
Male (lvl 100)
Fire Blast, Extreme Speed, Will-o-Wisp, Snarl.

Calcifer was given to Jade as a gift from her father when he was just a puppy. They grew up together and Arcanine has been her best friend and her guardian for quite a long time now. As such, he is VERY protective of her. One time, they were walking along a mountain path and she tripped and fell off a cliff. Some hikers found them and they had to restrain Calcifer with a muzzle because he wouldn't let them get near enough to treat her wounds.

Houndoom || Roxy
Female (lvl 92)
Inferno, Embargo, Crunch, Toxic

Jade found Roxy shortly after the pup had been attacked by a trainer- not to be caught, but to train his own pokemon. She carried the poor thing to a pokecenter because she was too weak to go very far without professional help. After that, the houndoom (who was a Houndour at the time) challenged her to a battle and when she lost, she happily accepted the pokeball. She's worked rather hard to be where she is now. She and Calcifer have a complicated relationship as well.

Vaporean || Mina
Female (lvl 89)
Hydro Pump, Acid Armor, Last Resort, Scald

Jade met Mina as an eevee who was abandoned in the city, scavenging scraps from a garbage can. She gave the thing a grape from her lunch and the eevee stole her sandwich instead. Three days later, she saw a kid throwing rocks at the eevee and stopped him just as one of the rocks hit the eevee on the shoulder, grazing her fur and causing her to bleed. Jade gave the boy quite a scolding and took the Eevee to a pokemon center to have it's wounds healed. When Jade asked it if it would like to come with her, the Eevee bit her finger and then ran away. However, as she was leaving town, she realized the Eevee was following her. She challenged it to a battle and captured it then. She named it Mina, and she's been a challenge, but so far, she's made life interesting. When it came time for her to be evolved, Jade got her hands on all different kinds of stones and laid them out for Mina to choose from. it was when she began to gnaw on the water stone that she evolved into a Vaporeon.

Mightyena || Astor
Male (level 34)
Swagger, Bite, Shadow Ball, Protect

Astor is the newest member of jade's party, and is a timid creature with a sweet heart. He's very dedicated and Jade enjoys training him, especially after she's spent time wrestling with Mina. She enjoys his mild manner, although she worries sometimes that his gentle nature means he won't be able to handle the heat of battle.

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