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Dayve Parker

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1Dayve Parker Empty Dayve Parker on Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:42 am

Name: Dayve Parker
Age: 18
Height: 5'10
Body: Average
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Greenish/Blue
Job: Wanderer/Freelancer


     Dayve doesn't believe in commitments, which is probably why he can't keep a job. He's carefree about almost everything besides his Pokemon. He's very attached to who he has with him and will do anything to keep them in good health. The reason being they've always stayed while mostly everyone else he's encountered has left. He loves to be in the sun as it gives him a sense of happiness, whether it's skating/biking or just relaxing with his friends. Dayve has an affinity towards grass type Pokemon, and tends to catch only grass types. His dream is to come into contact with the time traveling Pokemon known as Celebi.

     Dayve doesn't really call any place home, as he's never stayed in one place long. His father is a Pokemon Researcher and is sent all over the world to conduct research. Dayve has been to all of the regions but he was young so he can't really recall them. When he was around 10 his father was sent to Reversal Mountain. Dayve's father thought this was no place for an obnoxious tween and thus sent him to live with his grandmother in Floaroma Town located in Sinnoh. During this time he worked for Laine, a man who gathered honey, which led him to his first Pokemon, a Cherubi(Sunshine). He then took Sunshine with him to Unova, when he was 13 to start a journey of his own. He never really cared for battling the gyms, but just loved to meet new people and travel with his team. He occasionally meets up with his father to go to different regions, using him for a free ride.


Dayve Parker Cherrim-sunshine
Cherrim, Sunshine : Male
Sunny Day, Weather Ball, Morning Sun, Solarbeam

     One day while in one of Sinnoh's golden tree's gathering honey, he came across his partner in crime, Cherubi. They met when Dayve thought what was Cherubi's second head, was just a berry, so he reached for it in hopes to grub. He freaked out and fell out of the tree when a Cherubi turned to see him. The Cherubi didn't seem to care that he was about to be eaten and just smiled at Dayve. Cherubi's jolly nature, and carefree attitude appealed to Dayve. So he then went back up to lure it out with honey and they fell in platonic love. They've been with each other ever since, and now his Cherubi has evolved into a Cherrim, but hasn't lost any of the charm he originally had.

Dayve Parker 547
Whimsicott, Floofee : Female
Tailwind, Stun Spore, Energy Ball, Taunt

     While roaming around Pinwheel Forest, Dayve and Sunshine came across a beautiful Whimsicott, which Sunshine developed a crush on. After seeing how his best friend became enamored with this new Pokemon, Dayve decided to catch it. This proved difficult as Sunshine refused to battle her, he was "immobilized by love". And instead tried to woo her. After many attempts, such as bringing out the sun to warm her day, showing off his best weather ball and solarbeam, the Whimsicott thought his dedication was charming and decided to come along with the boys. Floofee is a big tease to Sunshine, and uses him to get her way, or get him to do whatever she wants.

Treecko, Puck : Male
Energy Ball, Pound, Quick Attack, Agility

Given as an egg to Dayve by his father for Christmas one year, his Treecko hatched along Route 5 of Unova. He earned his name by instantly causing trouble by stealing both Floofee's and Sunshine's food. This made them fight between each other while Puck sat back to enjoy dinner and a movie. He's quick to fight and very good at it. One of Dayve's powerhouses. Although still very young, Puck has defeated many foes.

Shiftry, Sage : Male
Seed Bomb, Foul Play, Low Kick, Fake Out

A very wise and old Pokemon, Dayve's Shiftry was the leader of a forest before joining his team. While trekking through the small forest, Sage watched how Puck and Dayve trained and bonded. Before Dayve exited the forest, Sage challenged him to a battle. Sage declared he would travel and train with Dayve if defeated, but was sure he would win. Always looking for a new challenge Dayve and Puck agreed. After a fierce battle Sage lost, but only because of his age. He was worn down by the younger Puck. He now travels with Dayve and the rest of the gang, hoping to learn new things because he believes that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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