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Nym Reed

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1Nym Reed    Empty Nym Reed on Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:44 am

Name: Nym Reed
Age: 17
Height: 6'4"
Body: Lean
Hair: Light Brown and windblown.
Eyes: Light Brown with a gold ring near the pupil.
Job:  Volunteering Assistant to Remmy Slaughter


Nym isn’t the most social butterfly. He speaks in a deep, cold voice. His heart has taken a beating over the years, and this leads him to be more uncomfortable in some situations than most.


As a child Nym had a strong sense of justice. Right was right and wrong was wrong. His twin brother had to be taken care of daily, for he was adventurous and careless. Those were the good days.

Nym had just turned fifteen on the day his brother was taken away from him. Curiosity had finally killed the cat, Nym always said when he explained the way he found his brother. An aggressive Pokemon had gotten to Paki before Nym could.

Paki was missing, so naturally Nym searched. What Nym did not expect to find in the woods, was the body of his brother, laying in a pool of blood. This startled the community, and most of all his family. His parents had never been big into Pokemon training, but this even caused more distain for the pokemon. Nym, however, had a mission from that day on. He was going to train and understand Pokemon. He was going to try his hardest to do what his brother would have done: understand the motive.

Nym was forced out of his house at age sixteen for his pokemon training. He left the Kanto region and moved to Unova with an old family friend named Remmy Slaughter. He did so on the condition he’d work at her small hospital. This would house him and give him food.


Nym Reed    009
Blastoise: Raythe: M
Raythe was the first pokemon Nym encountered. Raythe leapt from the body of water near where Paki’s corpse and the crying Nym were. Having a strong sense of compassion, Raythe cautiously approached and tried to calm Nym.

Nym Reed    504
Patrat: Scout: F
Scout was a strong willed opponent of Raythe’s. Scout had attacked Raythe for stepping on a berry she was eating, and thus a battle began. Nym liked the spirit in this pokemon and decided he’d try and keep her around. She has proven to be a good friend to her trainer.


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