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Conri Martyn

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1Conri Martyn Empty Conri Martyn on Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:24 am

Name: Conri Martyn
Age: 8
Height: 4’6”
Body: Small
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
Job: Young Trainer


Conri is very shy and mostly spends his time talking with his Pokemon, away from other people. He is extremely eager to go on adventures though, often venturing into his back yard and pretending that he is on victory road. More than anything, he loves his Pokemon. For them, he will push past all of his insecurities. Without them, he would be lost in the world.


When Conri was born, his mother was very young. For a long time, they lived with his grandparents. When they finally got their own place, it was because his mother had received a job. They had to move halfway across the Region from the Village Bridge to Nuvema Town.

He never knew his father and his mother would never tell him who he was or what happened to him. It was only a concern of his for his youngest years, not understanding why he was the only kid in Village Bridge without two parents, but now he could truly care less. He has no desire to find out who his father is. His mother is all the family that he needs.

His mother works with Professor Juniper as her Laboratory’s Secretary. Conri has grown up around scientific research and many different kinds of Pokemon. He has had the chance to meet people from every region and even some Pokemon Rangers. In the end, though, his personal adventures are restricted to his back yard with his Mareep, Gwyn, and his Joltik, Aurey.


Conri Martyn 179
Mareep: Gwyn: Female

Gwyn was Conri’s first Pokemon, a gift from his mother who had received it from her old employer on a small farm not far from the Village Bridge. Conri and Gwyn have been together ever since and are never seen away from eachother. She has a  bell around her neck that Conri’s grandfather crafted for her. The hammer inside is an everstone so that she will never change without them both agreeing to it.
Conri Martyn 595                                                                                                                                                                        
Joltik: Aurey: Male

Aurey was the source of one of Conri’s waking nightmares. One night, when there was a bad storm out, the little spider had crept into his open window, seeking shelter from the storm. The next morning,  when Conri woke up, he found the hairy little creature sitting on his chest.  He jumped out of bed screaming, startling both Gwyn, who was still asleep on his bed, and his mother on the other side of the house. However, it was plain that he scared Aurey more than Aurey scared him. Assuming that he was going to smash him, he little guy ran under the bed to hide. By the time Conri’s mother arrived in his room,  he was laughing and playing with the little yellow spider,  allowing him to crawl up and down his arms.  Ever since then, the trio has been inseparable.

Conri Martyn Eevee_by_puppersthemutt-d38i89x

Eevee: Tryden: Male

Tryden is the eevee that Conri adopted from the Wellspring Daycare. Rin Kurisk helped him pick the Pokémon out. Since then, he and all of Conri's other Pokémon have become great friends. They make a good team.


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