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Talindra Nielsan

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1Talindra Nielsan Empty Talindra Nielsan on Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:55 am

Personal Ad

My name is Talindra Nielsan,

But my friends call me Tally or Tal.

I have had 19 birthdays in my lifetime.

I spend my days as a Backpacker and a Ruin Maniac.

¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤

Playby is Micaiah from Fire Emblem


Her hair, while normally being light grey, has been bleached further by the sun into nearly being white. The abnormal grey color comes from a familial gene trait, causing premature grey coloring.


Talindra has a very athletic body from long periods spent outdoors and in the wild. Stamina and endurance are the main things her body is well adapted for, and while not being able to lift especially heavy things, she could walk for miles without ever worrying about getting tired.

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Sociable Affectionate Headstrong Unrefined Straightforward Adventurous Caring Optimist

Talindra, or Tally as she prefers, is a very rambunctious tomboy. Her long and sometimes lonely days studying or traveling between ruins tends to bottle up all of her talkativeness, which causes her to never shut up when she first encounters people. It is hard for her to actually relax and sit still, as her mind is always full of things she could or should be doing. In fact, it is often hard for her to sleep at night because her mind is still racing. One way to help her relax is to study glyphs, or find a good book and read. Tally would much rather be outside than sitting indoors giving herself a pedicure. She loves to laugh, and is always willing to listen to a good joke, just not at the expense of another. Due to spending so much time outdoors, she has become a little rough around the edges.

Inquisitiveness is another personality trait of Talindra’s, as once she hears or reads something she has to know the full story. It often got her into trouble when she was younger because she would stick her nose where it didn’t belong. Now, due to her profession, her curiosity pays off. Figuring out the passages through caves, and working to find truth within myth is in her job description. Being headstrong is another trait, and Tal would never back down from a challenge. An intelligent nature quickly allows her to figure out the answer to her questions. However, from time to time she thinks with an over analytical mind causing her to use more effort than necessary.

Most of the time Tally is genial, but her humor can easily evaporate when provoked due to her hot-headed nature. Her witty comments turn into sarcasm when crossed and she does not immediately think of what she is saying until after the damage is dealt. She is extremely protective of her friends and family, which correlates into a weakness of Talindra's. However, she is easy to forgive someone if he or she is genuinely apologetic.

Pokemon - Friends - Family - Running - Swimming - Outdoors - Sun - History - Reading
Thieves - Large Cities - Destroyed Artifacts - Liars - Backstabbers - Boredom

¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤

Background Check

Talindra was born and raised in Ecruteak City in Johto. Her mother was a Kimono Girl, while her father traveled to Violet City daily to teach at the Pokemon School. As a child, her mother tried to teach her the ways of being a Kimono girl; however, Talindra was more interested in exploring Burned Tower and Bell Tower. She would often skirt around her lessons, and would instead go and sneak around the towers, avoiding trainers and observing Pokémon. When she was caught, she was forced to help the Monks and Sages with the upkeep of the statue and shrines. It was within her hometown that first began her love for myths and ruins. Eventually her mother tired of trying to force Talindra to become a Kimono girl, and instead sent her off with her father to the Pokémon School.

It was a year or so after she began traveling with her father to work that she encountered a small and injured Pidgey. Her father entrusted her with the care of the small Pokémon. After nursing the Pidgey back to health, Talindra tried to release it back into the wild. However, the Pidgey continued to follow her around, always finding her way back. It was around this time that her father, after watching the exchange, presented her with a pokeball. Talindra used the pokeball to capture the Pidgey, with no resistance. Emmelin the Pidgey became Talindra's best friend, and together they explored around Ecruteak and Violet City.

For years, Talindra studied Pokémon training, but never really became interested in just battling. Her parents seemed to realize this, and contacting a family friend, she was sent off to the Ruins of Alph at the age of 15. Within the Ruins, she learned much about the Unown that inhabited the ancient place, and learned how to read and decipher the glyphs.

She worked within the ruins for a couple of years, before she left in search of other ruins and mythical Pokémon with the blessings of her parents. Now, she has a journal with her that she keeps all of her adventures and discoveries noted in, with hopes of one day publishing her own series. Her travels have taken her across many different regions, and she has only just recently traveled to Unova.

¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤ ✖✖ ¤


Talindra Nielsan Pidgeo10
Pidgeot, "Emmelin", Female
Talindra met Emmelin when she was very young as a Pidgey near her hometown in Johto. Emmelin was her very first pokemon, and since then the two have grown into an inseparable pair. Emmelin is very confident in her abilities, and is an excellent flier. She helps transport Tally home when she needs to check up on her parents, or when she needs to get an aerial view of where to go when in the mountains.

Talindra Nielsan Absol10
Absol, "Amasis", Male
Amasis appeared to Talindra when she was conducting research at the Slowpoke Well and its connection to the Burned Tower. Excited doesn't describe her feelings, as the myths around Absol had always interested her. It may have been due to the music playing on her radio, but either way she managed to capture the Absol and add him to her party. He also accompanies the adventurer everywhere she goes, and has saved her life a few times with his predictions of imminent disaster. He seems to enjoy the solitude of being in the wild with Talindra, and prefers to go back to his Pokeball when they near villages and cities.

Talindra Nielsan Spr_3e10
Bayleef, "Hasina", Female
Hasina was encountered in the wild, while Talindra was traveling. Tally was drawn to the aroma of Bayleef, having instantaneously feeling rested when she drew closer. The Bayleef, upon sensing her tired state, didn't run away and instead engaged her in an easy battle. Tally's Pokemon were near the point of fainting but Bayleef went into her Pokeball without much fuss. She then helped heal both Emmelin and Amasis. Hasina loves to be out of her Pokeball, and sometimes forgets how to control the aroma she puts off.

Talindra Nielsan Lapras10
Lapras, "Hapi", Male
Talindra was attempting to swim between islands, from one with ancient ruins to another with the local healing center. Emmelin had been knocked out in a battle, and therefore was unable to fly her back. Her whole party was tired, and so was Talindra after battling for weeks on end to discover the location. Hapi appeared just as Talindra feared it was the end, as she could feel the strength giving out in her arms and legs. He approached her, and let out a plaintative cry, before coasting over to her. Talindra sensed that he was offering help, and gladly climbed onto his back. She passed out from exhaustion, and when she awoke she found herself on the beach, Hapi nudging her with his head. Emmelin thanked Hapi, before going to the Pokemon Center. She returned to the beach later on, to simply relax when she encountered Hapi once more. He had been releasing saddened calls, apparently having either lost his group of Lapras, or they no longer existing. Upon seeing her on the beach, he approached her once more, with another plaintive cry. Talindra understood what he was asking, asking if he could join her family. Tally happily accepted his sad request.

Talindra Nielsan Swablu10
Swablu, "Nanu", Female
Nanu was encountered during her travels in Hoenn. Apparently the Pokemon took such a liking to her her hair color, that she insisted on following Talindra around everywhere. Tally doesn't mind, as Nanu helps keep her things clean with her nearly fanatical cleaning sprees. The Pokemon cannot stand for things to be dirty, whether it is Talindra or the dishes.

Talindra Nielsan Cranid10
Craniodos, "Osiris", Male
Talindra found the Skull Fossil while excavating an Ancient Ruin. She carried it around with her for a long time, until she managed to make it to a laboratory that could extract the DNA from it. Her Craniodos, Osiris, was resurrected after millions of years. The two are still getting to know each other, as he is her most recent Pokemon. So far, he has proven to be very brash, and enjoys headbutting anything and everything.

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