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Yumi Toshiko

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1Yumi Toshiko Empty Yumi Toshiko on Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:22 pm

Name: Yumi Toshiko
Yumi Toshiko Yumi12
Age: 16
Height: 5'5''
Body: Slim, healthy.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep Purple
Job: Worker at Nacrene Museum

Don't let Yumi's appearance fool you. She is a sweet girl who has a love for Pokemon and people. Yumi want's to please people and put them before herself. She upset easily. She can read peoples hearts and is easy to talk to. She has a protective nature over all of her Pokemon and close friends. This can lead to people thinking she's a little bit of a control freak. Yumi has an outgoing side and loves to introduce herself to people in the strangest ways. She holds anger in her heart from her father leaving her mom and her without much notice. He never talks to Yumi. Occasional letter every birthday.

Yumi and Tokimae grew up together on Route 3. When Yumi was 10 she was told by her mom that they had to move to Nacrene City.Her mom and Nacrene's gym leader, Lenora are close friends. When Yumi was 8 her father decided he wanted to be a Pokemon master and left her mom and her. This devistated Yumi's mom, Lenora was her rock during all of this. Now Yumi and her mom live in a house close by Lenora. Yumi had to leave her best friend behind. Tokimae told her that it wasn't that bad because they weren't to far away. Tokimae would just have to put in extra effort. Yumi's mom is fasinated in old fossils and pokemon remains. So she got a job at the Museum, she was also able to get Yumi a job as well.


Yumi Toshiko 142
Aerodactyl, shiny (Matt) {Male}

Recieved her first fossil from her father when she was little. She had it revived and they've been best friends ever since. Revived at age 5.

Yumi Toshiko 531
Audino (Joy) {Female}

Yumi has always wanted an Audino despite her love for dragon and dark types; but she could never find one. Then she saw that Tokimae caught one. She traded her Sandile for Tokimae's Audino. Joy's name speaks for herself, she is a very happy Pokemon and can cheer up anyone. Traded at age 7.

Yumi Toshiko 371
Bagon (Mika) {Female}

Recived an egg from Tokimae for her birthday. Mika is very hard headed and can be mean with other Pokemon. Hatched at age 15

Yumi Toshiko 197
Umbreon, shiny (Aki) {Male}
Yumi's mother had five Eevee eggs given to her as a gift. Yumi kept one and bother her mother and her traded the rest. Aki is very sweet and loves attention. He stays outside of his Pokeball. Hatched at age 13.

Yumi Toshiko 359
Absol (Shadow) {Male}
Shadow is extremely intelligent and protective over Yumi. He only attacks when he feels it is necessarily. Caught at age 10.

Yumi Toshiko 246
Larvatar (Maria) {Female}
Yumi traded a young trainer an Eevee egg for this Larvatar egg. Maria listens and pays attention to situations very well. She's extremely adorable and will strike you with her charm. She is a little selfish at times.  Hatched at age 13.

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