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Catching Pokémon

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Catching Pokemon

Catching Pokémon in the wild is fairly simple.

In most cases, this is done through battle, though it is possible to have a Pokémon join your team without the need for

You must create a topic in whatever location this Pokémon is found and describe the surroundings fully so that we may completely understand the situation.

Pokémon locations can be found here. At the bottom of the page, all Routes are listed.

Only Generation Three Pokémon may be caught in Hoenn. All other Pokémon must be gained from Professor Birch or by other means.

The battle, or encounter, is yours to play out however you wish.

The scene will be reviewed by a moderator to verify its validity.

If it appears to be too simple or unrealistic, you will be denied the catch and permitted to attempt the capture two more times.

If the Pokémon is coming over from another region, you will still need to play out the scenario.

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