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Viviana Sakaki

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1Viviana Sakaki Empty Viviana Sakaki on Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:45 pm

[color=#33cccc][color=#33ccff]Name:  Viviana Sakaki

Age: 18

Height: 5’3

Hair: Long light blue hair

Eyes: Light blue

: Training to take over the family business.

Personality: Viviana has a very strong headed personality. She doesn’t like taking orders from anyone, and hates it if someone tells her there is something that she can’t do. The young trainer takes a lot of pride in everything she does, and never hesitates if she thinks she is right.  However, she also has a very vicious fighting style when it comes to Pokemon battles, one trait of her father that still sticks through.

History: Viviana grow up living the pampered life with her only sister, Juliette, and her father, Giovanni. She spent a lot of time with her father, and learned from him what it was like to rule in power. While it was suppose to be both her and her sister that took over the family business, Viviana didn’t feel that was the path that Juliette wanted. She also spent a lot of time in the field with Team Rocket learning and training. With faith in her Pokemon she is now ready to start taking on missions of her own.

Viviana Sakaki Spr_3e_059_sArcanine  Male,

       Attacks:  Flash Fire, Intimidate, Bite,

   Was Viviana’s first Pokemon given to her as a birthday present from her father when she was very young. He has been her closest companion and best protector ever since.

 Viviana Sakaki Spr_3e_038_s Ninetails  Male,

       Attacks:  Flame Wheel, Confuse Ray, Ember

  Vulpix had been the first pokemon that Viviana had caught on her own. After trainer for so long, she was gifted with a fire stone that allowed her to evolve it into a Ninetails.

Viviana Sakaki Spr_5b_570Zorua  Male,

       Attacks: Punishment, Fake Tears, Scratch

  The final gift that her father had given her right before she left. The newest member of the team Zorua still needs a lot of work.

Viviana Sakaki Spr_3e_148 Dragonair Female,
Attacks: Dragon Breath, Dragon Rush, Iron Tail, Water Pulse
    Dragonair was captured by Vivianna while she was accompanying some Team Rocket members on a mission inside Dragonspiral Tower. One of her most loyal Pokemon the young trainer hopes to progress this addition to her team quickly.

Viviana Sakaki Spr_4h_026_f Raichu Male,
Attacks: Thunder Punch, Thunderbolt, Slam, Extreme Speed

    One of the newer addtions to Vivianna's team, Raichu was a birthday gift from her sister. She new that her sister had to place a lot of effort into getting the Pokemon, so she was extremely grateful for the shockingly powerful friend.

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