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Mizu Sakana

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1Mizu Sakana Empty Mizu Sakana on Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:55 am

Name: Mizu Sakana
Age: 8
Height: 4'5''
Body: Tiny
Hair: Long, deep Blue
Eyes: Dark Blue
Job/Hobbies: Swimmer and a Trainer

Mizu is very outgoing and sweet. She's excited for just about anything and is quite the talker. She's extremely friendly and creative. Mizu feels safe and relaxed when she is around, or in water. She hates being left out.

Mizu's is Professor Juniper's granddaughter. Mizu's parents work as researchers for Professor Juniper and are normally off somewhere in Unova doing there job. Mizu lives with her older sister Tori in Nuvema Town. All her life Tori has always taken her to the ocean when ever they have free time. Mizu has grown fond of water type Pokemon and just plain swimming. Mizu doesn't get to see her parents much because of there work, but that doesn't bother her because she has her sister, her grandmother, neighborhood friends, and Pokemon to keep her company. Once Mizu gets old enough she plans to travel with close friends and have her own Pokemon journey.
She spends most of her time in near the ocean or with her grandmother Professor Juniper, helping out when she can; and learning about Pokemon.


Mizu Sakana 007
Squirtle, shiny (Kita) {Male}

Mizu recieved an Egg for her birthday from her grandmother. Mizu took great care of the egg and it hatched to a Shiny Squirtle. She was surprised. Kita has a boastful personality. Kita normally stays outside his Pokeball unless Mizu has Jackie out. Kita is also extremely protective of Mizu. Obtained at age 5
Mizu Sakana 226
Mantine (Nami) {Female}

Mizu was at an even younger age she was swimming one day in the Sinnoh region. She was on vacation with her family and she went a little to far into the water; and began to drown. A Mantyke saw the girl and rushed her back to the shore. The two became friends after that and Mizu later found a water stone and Nami evolved. Nami has a very protective nature. Obtained at age 3
Mizu Sakana 086
Seel (Yuki) {Female}

Yuki was a gift to Mizu from her sister. Yuki has a very playful nature. Obtained at age 6
Mizu Sakana 133
Eevee (Jackie) {Female}

Mizu recieved Jakie from Tokimae Johnson. Tokimae was visiting the lab when she met Mizu. Mizu automatically looked up to Tokimae. She had several eggs and gave one to Mizu. After taking great care of the egg it hatched! The Eevee will often swim underwater even though she is not a water type. Jackie is very spunky and playful. She will often stay outside of her Pokeball with Mizu. She switches which Pokemon to have out. Joined at age 7.

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