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The Leveling System

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Experience and Leveling

Pokemon are all organized into Classes and Tiers.

A Pokemon with an evolutionary chain of three, like Treeko, starts out as a Class C Pokemon.

When it evolves into Grovyle it becomes a Class B Pokemon and, when it eventually becomes a Sceptile, it is a Class A Pokemon.

Class A Pokemon are at the peak of their evolutionary chain and no Pokemon, save a Legendary (Class X), can achieve a Class any higher.

Within these Classes are Tiers. All Pokemon go through nine Tiers as they level up and evolve.

For Pokemon in an evolutionary chain of three, they may only evolve at Tier 3 and Tier 6.

For Pokemon in an evolutionary chain of two, they may only evolve at Tier 5.

Of course, you are not required to evolve your Pokemon in order to move through the Tiers.

Any Pokemon can make it to Tier 9 with the right amount of experience.

If a Pokemon does not evolve from its Class C form, it is still considered Class B at Tier 3 and Class A at Tier 6.

Because of this system, the levels are as such (Lowest to Highest):

Class C1 - 0 Exp
Class C2 - 100 Exp
Class C3 - 600 Exp

Class B1 - 1500 Exp
Class B2 - 4000 Exp
Class B3 - 9600 Exp

Class A1 - 18000 Exp
Class A2 - 37500 Exp
Class A3 - 72600 Exp

Experience Points

You gain experience Points every time you battle another player and defeat their Pokemon.
At the end of your battles, an admin will make calculations and award you the amount of experience that they deem appropriate.
Below is a list of average experience gained from every level of Pokemon.

Average EXP Given

Class C1 - 100
Class C2 - 200
Class C3 - 300

Class B1 - 500
Class B2 - 800
Class B3 - 1000

Class A1 - 1500
Class A2 - 2200
Class A3 - 3500

Health Points (HP) and Attack (Atk)

HP and Base Attack Strength are determined by your Pokemon's Class and Tier.

Attack Strength is also affected by Type Advantages, however.

If the Pokemon you are attacking is weak to the type of move you are using you get a X2 boost.

If it is resistant to the move you are using you get a 1/2 deduction.

HP and Base Atk are listed below.


Class C1 -  80
Class C2 - 100
Class C3 - 120

Class B1 - 150
Class B2 - 200
Class B3 - 250
Class A1 - 330
Class A2 - 380
Class A3 - 460


Class C1 - 16
Class C2 - 20
Class C3 - 24

Class B1 - 30
Class B2 - 40
Class B3 - 50

Class A1 - 66
Class A2 - 76
Class A3 - 92

Trainer Levels

Every time you battle, you will gain Trainer Points (TP).

Your TP will determine certain privileges for your character, such as being allowed to own more than six Pokemon or being given access to certain events.

It is also the means by which your Trainer Rank will be determined.

Trainer Rank is displayed in your Character Bio and will provide other players with a way to recognize your experience here on our site.

Every time you battle, you earn 2 TP for winning or 1 TP for losing.

Trainer Rank

Rank I - 0 TP
Rank II - 5 TP
Rank III - 10 TP
Rank IV - 20 TP
Rank V - 50 TP
Rank X - 100 TP

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