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Inventory and Pokemon Storage

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1Inventory and Pokemon Storage Empty Inventory and Pokemon Storage on Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:23 am



Every Character needs to make a personal thread in the Bank Forum where they will make two posts.

One Post will detail the Character's Inventory, including their Pokedollars (P).

Another will detail the Pokemon that they own.

Items need only have their name and quantity.

Pokemon need to have their description the same as it would appear in your Character's Biography.

Any Pokemon not on your team must be recorded in the Bank so that they may be accounted for by the site admins.

As you gain items and Pokemon, you will edit these two posts and keep them updated.

It is important that you keep up with your own records so that there are no issues.

Because all Pokemon Captures and Item Purchases are posted and locked upon completion,
it is easy for the Site Admins to verify whether or not you are telling the truth about what you have.

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