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Read This First!

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Current Edition is Hoenn. Please disregard all Unova Info listed below. Thanks!

Creating Your Character

Creating your character can be an exciting task. You can find the template here. Once you finish designing your character, it will be submitted for review. Read the rest of this page while you wait!


Your Journey

After your character has been accepted, you will enter Hoenn as a full fledged Pokémon Trainer! Here is a collection of things that you will need to know to get started! Make sure that you read everything completely!


Starting Provisions

If you choose to be a trainer, you start out with these Provisions:
Your Starter Pokémon
A Backpack
Your Trainer ID
1000 PokéDollars
A Pokédex
A Badge Case
A PokéNav
A Map of Hoenn
5 PokeBalls

These are set figures. You are not permitted to have any more money or Pokéballs than this to begin with. Any special exceptions will be decided during your initial character review.

You may begin the game wherever you wish in Hoenn, but you must provide an explanation for why you are there. If you have questions, try the chat box at the bottom of the Home Page. Other players might be able to help you.


Time To Head Out

What are your character’s goals? Are you seeking to capture as many Pokémon as you can and complete your Pokédex? Do you want to see all the sights that Hoenn has to offer? Are you after the title of Hoenn Champion? Whatever your plan is, you have to start somewhere.

When you decide where you are going to begin, feel free to make a starting topic. Provide us with enough that we can understand who you are and what your style is. You are welcome to collaborate with another player in doing this.

In your first thread, you should capture your very first, non-starter Pokémon. Read this before you venture out. After capturing your first Pokémon, you are considered successfully integrated into the Arigeta Pokémon World.

Please see the 'How to Battle' and 'Catching Pokemon' pages before you attempt to capture your first Pokémon.

Your topic may be as long as you want it to be. The RP can span an hour or several days. Upon completing the topic, send a message to one of the site admins. You can find a list of them here. Now, you are ready to move on in your journey. All travel must be played out. Make a post in every route and city between you and your destination. (There are special Travel Topics to use for this purpose.) This is where the best RP can take place. If you are lucky, you can even encounter other players who are traveling in the same area. An admin might also post a natural challenge, such as a storm or a sudden wild Pokémon encounter.  When traveling please start your posts with a [Enter] and end them with an [Exit] so that other players know if you are still there or not.

If you wish to create your own obstacle, that is also allowed. Just make sure you don’t impede on any other player’s creative freedom. All players in the area must agree to participate before you summon up a storm or stampede of some sort. A list of what Pokémon you might encounter can be found here. At the bottom of the page, all Routes are listed.


Making Topics

When you post a topic, indicate if it is [Open] or [Closed]. If you leave it [Open], people will be free to jump in.
If you are hosting an [Open] Topic, do not be surprised if an Admin jumps in and throws you curve balls. We love to GM!
You are free to post a topic anywhere in Hoenn, so long as you travel there first.


Unova Flight Services

With economic growth came new airports in the cities of Nimbasa, Undella, Striaton City, Castelia, and Opelucid. The already existing airports in Mistralton and Lentimas still remain. Mistralton is the home of Skyla, who offers free Boarding Passes and a Jet Badge to all who defeat her. The Boarding Pass grants you free travel from any airport in Unova, at any time. If one does not possess a Boarding Pass you can still board a plane; however, you must purchase a ticket first. Tickets cost a flat rate of –insert amount-, and are good for one trip. A round trip ticket can be purchased for –flat rate plus 50/75%-.


Taking Part In An Event

Occasionally, an Admin will throw an Admin-Hosted Event. All players will be invited, but a cap may be placed on the number of players allowed to participate. It will be a first come first serve situation. If you wish to participate, make sure that you RSVP to the invitation. The topic names will show their status. [Open] or [Closed]. Once [Closed], you may not enter the topic.

A Walk In The Park [Open]


Challenging Gym Leaders

The Gyms are as they are in the game. When you wish to challenge a Gym Leader, you must make a topic in their Gym. Then, an admin will come to play as the Gym Leader and battle you to see if you have what it takes to earn the badge.

The Gyms are as such:

1. Trio Badge : Cilan : Striaton City
2. Basic Badge : Lenora : Nacrene City
3. Insect Badge : Burgh : Castelia City
4. Bolt Badge : Elesa : Nimbasa City
5. Quake Badge : Clay : Driftveil City
6. Jet Badge : Skyla : Mistralton City
7. Legend Badge : Drayden : Opelucid City
8. Wave Badge : Marlon : Humilau City

1. Stone Badge : Roxanne : Rustboro City
2. Knuckle Badge : Brawly : Dewford Town
3. Dynamo Badge : Wattson : Mauville City
4. Heat Badge : Flannery : Lavaridge Town
5. Balance Badge : Norman : Petalburg City
6. Feather Badge : Winona : Fortree City
7. Mind Badge : Tate and Liza : Mossdeep City
8. Rain Badge : Wallace : Sootopolis City

Once you have beaten all eight gym leaders, you have now complete access to your next step: The Pokemon League.


Pokemon League

When you reach Victory Road, you will have to start a topic and present your Badges to the Badge Gates. Then, you can confront the trials ahead of you.

Much like the Gyms, your journey on Victory Road must be overseen by an Admin. It is free for you to play out by yourself, but you must make it difficult. Victory Road is not just single ordeal. It is many. Make it something worth reading and just as momentous as the reward that comes with completing it.

After Victory Road, you will finally reach the Elite Four. These are four Player Characters: (Blank, Blank, Blank, and Blank). They will be difficult to defeat and they have busy schedules. You must catch them while they are available, or you will find yourself waiting. Once you have completed Victory Road, you are free to fly to and from the Pokémon League Building.

Here are the Rules to Victory Road and the Pokémon League:

You must approach the Badge Gates and present each badge in turn.

You must face at least three Trainers, five Wild Pokémon and one Natural Obstacle such as a storm or rockslide. You must also make at least twenty-five posts.

If you lose against one of the Elite Four, you must return to the beginning of Victory Road. Make sure that you are prepared before you challenge them.


In The End

If you need anymore help, please message an Admin. Here are some links to certain resources that you might find helpful in your Journey.

Pokémon Location List
Admin List
How to Battle
Catching Pokemon

Ready, Get Set, Go!

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