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Avery Angelo

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1Avery Angelo Empty Avery Angelo on Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:22 am

Avery Angelo Besaid10

Name: Avery Angelo
Age: 18
Height: 5 11’
Body: Gymnist
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Bright Blue
Job: Traveler


Avery is a very outgoing person. A notorious flirt, he seems to love everybody and is always wearing a smile. He comes from a wealthy family and often spends very freely, much to his friends’ delight. The parties held at his Mansion in Undella Town are famous for their grandeur. If you are looking for a good time, he’s your guy.


Avery’s Father is the Air Captain for the Flygon Squad, a private group of Pokémon Pilots that travel the regions, ensuring the security of people and Pokémon alike. His mother is a fashion designer from Sinnoh. With their combined occupations, they bring in a hefty annual income.

Because of his parent’s international lifestyle, Avery has grown up traveling. He received his Shiny Trapinch as a gift from his father when he was five, ensuring that he would continue the tradition of being a Flygon Trainer. His travels have made him very worldly and appreciative of everything that life has to offer.

After his family finally decided to settle in Unova, he spent the rest of his life living at their mansion in Undella Town. His father now runs the main complex of the Flygon Squad, located close by, just outside of Humilau City. Avery now spends his time flying around the region, making the most out of his life and seeking adventure wherever he can find it.


Avery Angelo Flygon_sprite_by_beavercop-d4r1mg8
Flygon, Volaire : Male

Avery Angelo Furret_oc__animated__by_lucariodarkness745-d68wmlx
Furret, Caline : Female

Avery Angelo Kingdra___sprite_by_diablos_darkos-d47iuu7
Kingdra, Marin : Male

Avery Angelo Sawsbuck_autumn_sprite_by_foolishantiquerabbit-d5yp699
Sawsbuck, Trot : Male

Avery Angelo Oddish_animated_sprite_by_officialdragonbuster-d57hl54
Oddish, Pepin : Female

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