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Ocean Depths

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1Ocean Depths Empty Ocean Depths on Sat Aug 17, 2013 6:28 pm


Daire sat on his porch with Milis, rocking slowly in his swing. He was smiling, amused by his Tangrowth's delicate attention to the flowers and other plants growing around. Some were hanging from hooks in the rafters and others were placed on the bannisters. With each touch, she caused them to perk up and turn more vibrant colors. Every flower bloomed to its full potential.

This was how he enjoyed spending his off time. The salt air helped to cleanse his mind and get rid of stress. It was his best made investment, this house. It sat on a hill overlooking the bay and, though it was small, it had a quality to it that could not be replaced.

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2Ocean Depths Empty Re: Ocean Depths on Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:28 pm

Sarah sighed with a soft smile, wandering down the beach barefoot. her boot laces tied together and slung over her shoulder as Meeko frolicked in the shallower waters. Really, it was so nice just to have a few hours off to relax. After this she would make her way down to Striation spend a few days with her friends and enjoy some good coffee.

The Raven shook her head as her partner tried to chase a wave only to rush back to shore when she realized she was going to get wet, and then rush back to the water to chase the water some more.

She found a spot in the sand that would give her a nice view before laying out her jacket and sitting on it, just wanting to enjoy this moment of peace after so many hectic deliveries.

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