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Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN]

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1Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:58 pm

Tokimae has joined some of her friends to visit Nimbasa City for a bit. The three finally arrived to the grand city. Tokimae, on the back of Fido, praised him for caring her this whole way. "Good boy Fido!" she said and gave him a poffin she made just for him. he at it happily. She looked to the others. "Well guys, we are finally here!" she said with relief.

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2Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:11 pm

Zakari and his buddy, Hikari, were following their friends excitedly.

"It sure is great to be back, right Hikari?" "Cinn! Cinno!!"

The two companions caught up to Rin and Tokimae. Zak began talking about how he met Hikari, who was still very excited to be back, as could be assumed by his jolly attitude as he jumped from light-pole to light-pole. "Cinno! Cinno! Ciinnnnnooooo!"

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3Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:20 pm

Rin skipped happily next to Tokimae with Jadi trotting by her side. Jadi had her nose stuck up to her surroundings as usual. Rin smiled at Toki and looked back to Zak "This is going to be so fun!" she jumped up and down happily causing her dress to bounce. Jadi tugged at Rin's dress to get her to stand still. "Sorry" Rin giggled "I'm just so excited."

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4Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:26 pm

Tokimae giggled. "Say Rin, Jadi would be really pretty if she evolved. And you could ride her!" Tokimae said looking down at her, still on Fido. "Well, I guess I should get down now, haha." Toki laughed and hugged Fido then got down. "You did great. Rest for a bit." she said and returned him. "How about later we all make it to the park and let our our Pokemon. I'm sure they're wanting to have a little fun too." She suggested looking at Ethan and smiled. It looked like he grinned back. Toki then stopped walking and turned around to look at the both of them. "What should we do first?" She asked.

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5Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:33 pm

Hikari jumped when Tokimae mentioned the park. "Hey that's right! I remember taking you there every day, Hikari!" "Cinnnno!"

"Everyone else up for heading there?"

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6Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:39 pm

Jadi made a scoffing noise at Tokimae's remark of evolving. Little bits of smoke and flame ascending from her nose. Rin stroked her head to calm her "That's a good idea"

Rin jumped again "I'd love to go to the park, you Toki?" Rin balled her fists up and flailed them "Please Toki~" Jadi rolled her eyes and pushed Rin back with her head to prevent any accidental hitting.

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7Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:44 pm

"Jadi, don't take it the wrong way! You're great the way you are too." Tokimae smiled at her. She thought about petting her but held back just in case Jadi's mane might be hot because she didn't trust her. She looked back to the others and laughed at Rin's response. "Alright, alright let's go!" she giggled. "Besides, I haven't met Zak's Pokemon yet." she said lifting her eye brows at him. She begin to follow Ethan who decided he would lead them to the park area. Tokimae made sure her camera was around her neck ready to capture these memories that were about to unfold.

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8Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:52 pm

"Alrighty then!" Zakari walked up front and led the way to the park and stood under a tree when the arrived. "We're here, Hikari!" "Cinno!"

"Come on out, everybody!", Zak shouted as he threw his pokeballs into the air, releasing his companions: Yoru, Empoleon, Chandelure, Luxray, and Metagross.

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9Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:52 pm

Rin smiled and reached for her pokeballs as well. Letting out Zeri first "This is my partner" Zeri waved at them all and clung to Rin's leg. "Very attached and harmless as you can see" Next she let out Aranea and Momo. "You remember them" Rin giggled as the two scurried around to hug and nuzzle everyone. Momo decided to jump upon Tokimae's shoulder. She looked down at her last ball and started sweating.

"Um and this is... Notch" She released the Shinx and instantly reached to pick him up, but the cub ran quickly away. Notch slid over to Zak and tilted his head grinning and did circles around his legs nipping at his ankles playfully. "Notch! Stop it you'll hurt him if you trip him" She ran over to Notch in a panic doing circles around Zak trying to pick up the cub. "Stop this, we're not playing a game Notch" Notch continued to do circles around him sticking his tongue out at Rin. "Shiiiii!!" He taunted.

Jadi's mane flared higher to show her irritation and dislike for the Pokemon. Aranea ran and hid behind Tokimae's leg and Momo cried out scaredly "Chuuu!" and covered his eyes with his hands, peeking with one eye. Zeri shook a fist at Notch grumbling at him, yet hiding behind a barely growing berri tree that only went to the middle of Zeri's torso. "I am so sorry, he is really friendly, he just won't listen to m-" Rin said as she leaned back and forth thrusting her arms to grab Notch, but only recieved air as Notch rammed into her leg making her fall over "EEEP" Closing her eyes she fell to the ground flailing.

Aranea ran behind a rock to escape the scene, only poking out to watch. Momo screeched and covered his eyes with a lock of Toki's hair "CHUUU" Zeri bubbled with fury and broke off a branch of the tree and tried to toss it hard, but fell of when the stick stuck to Zeri's hand. Rin panted and opened her eyes after the fall and rubbed her head to see Jadi had slowly stridden over to Rin's side and pulled down her dress appropriately with her snout. Rin leaned up slightly by the push of Jadi's head. Jadi walked around Rin to where Notch was still running around causing Notch to stop.

"Nyyy" Jadi grunted slamming her hoof down and narrowing her eyes at Notch as a warning, with embers flaring out of her nose. "Shii Shiiiin Shii" Notch glared back daringly sparks flying from his cheeks. Rin reached to calm Jadi as she lunged threateningly at Notch. "Don't provoke him I'll just call him back." Notch raised an eyebrow as Rin fumbled for his Pokeball. Just before she pulled out the ball, the mischievous cub headbutted Zakarii's leg. "Zak!" Rin gasped as she dropped the ball.

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10Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:28 pm

Tokimae watched as this scene took place. She tried to run in to catch Rin but she was to late. When she saw Notch and Jadi staring each other down she searched the area for Ethan. "Ethan, Thunder wave on Notch." She commanded. Ethan jumped in hitting Notch directly before he could run away. A wave of electricity surged his body causing him to stay in place.
Tokimae quickly let out Keemi to help Zeri with the stick that's stuck to her hand. She waddled over. Tokimae started to walk over to Rin, when she, herself, tripped over an over grown vine and fell. Momo was flung from Toki's shoulder. Luckily Ethan jumped up and caught the Pichu and set him down. "Wow, Toki. How smooth..." she said with sarcasm in her voice, still laying in the position that she fell in.

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11Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:22 pm

Zakari quickly went over to help the girls up. "Are you two alright?" Hikari immediately started rubbing his tail all over them, doing his best to brush off any dirt. Zak noticed a small scrape on Rin's left elbow, bandaging her up right away.

After helping Zeri with her stick problem, Zak called his Luxray over and approached Notch, using a paralysis heal on the disobedient Shinx. "Hey there, Notch," he said as he slowly reached out a hand, "This is my friend, Eze! One day you're gonna look just like him, so he wants to know if he can be your friend!"

Eze stepped toward Notch and bowed his head, showing he meant no harm. "Rayyyy..."

Zak stood up and whispered to Tokimae, "You may want to get your camera ready..."

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12Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:53 pm

Rin looked up at Zak as he applied the bandage and stuttered "Th-thank you" Zeri crossed her arms making more grumbling noises at all the help she had to receive, but nodded politely.

Notch tilted his head and Rin slowly grabbed his Pokeball in case he did anything stupid. "Sshhii" He mumbled and shockingly lowered his head and kneeled in respect. "I.. think that might be a yes" Rin said in awe.

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13Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:37 pm

Tokimae stood straight up at the mention of her camera. "Oh man!" she yelled. She scanned the area for her poor camera and saw it in the air. "Huh?" she questioned and started to walk to it. Behind a bush she saw a small Chikorita holding up her camera. The camera looked fine, the Pokemon must have caught it when I flew off when I fell.
"Well, hello there. Thank you for catching my camera." Tokimae smiled at the Pokemon. She was startled and let go of the camera, then ran behind a bush. Luckily Tokimae was already reaching for it so she caught it before it reached the ground. "Hey! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." She said getting onto her knees to make the Pokemon feel more comfortable. The small Pokemon peeked out from behind the bush. Tokimae giggled. "Really, I want to be your friend." She said getting an Oran Berry from her bag. "Here?" she offered.
Chikorita carfully approached the trainer and took the Oran Berry with her vines. She ate it and then smiled. The Chikorita ran up to Tokimae and snuggled her leg. Tokimae smiled and then petted the cute Pokemon. "Where's your train-" Tokimae was cut off by a man yelling.
"Aye! Chikorita! That's where you went." he paused looking at Tokimae. He looked fairly young, maybe early 20's. "You made a friend? Come on girl, we've got to get back." he said. The Chikorita walked around Toki and stood behind her. Tokimae stood up.
"I'm sorry, is this your Pokemon?" Tokimae asked.
"Hoo-noo." He laughed. "I'm a Pokemon Breeder," he explained. "My name's Jason. I've got a group of Chikorita's I'm rasing. This one is the most adventurous."
"My name's Tokimae. She's very sweet." Tokimae said.
"You know, she could use a trainer like you." he said. "Maybe if she wants you could catch her."
"Really?" she said "Are you sure? I mean she's you're Pokemon-"
"Nonsense. It's up to the Pokemon, not me." He said.
The Chikorita bounced with Joy. She ran over to the Breeder and he bent down to pet her goodbye. She then looked to Tokimae and nooded that she was ready to battle. Tokimae couldn't believe this was happening.
Tokimae told the Chikorita to wait as she went to go tell the other what's happening. She returned Keemi and decided to use Ethan. She walked back over to the Chikorita and had Ethan front and center, prepared to battle.
"Be careful not to knock her out." She warned and he nodded. The breeder stood on the sideline to watch.
Tokimae didn't waste any time and made the first move. "Alright! Ethan use fire fang!" she said. He lunged at the Chikorita.
Ethan gripped the Chikorita and flame burned her body. The Pokemon cringed and Ethan jumped away. The Chikorita regained her composure and jumped up into the air and used razor leaf.
The Chikorita was fast and made a clean hit! Ethan was blow back by the powerful leaves cutting his skin. Tokimae felt concerned for her Pokemon. "Hang in there!" she said "Use quick attack! Then follow up with a thunder wave to stun her!"
"Manecc!" he yelled as he began to run in at the Chikorita
Chikorita used her vines to stop the Manectric. Ethan succeed in using thunder wave, it became even stronger because there two were touching. The Pokemon froze and was unable to move.
"Well, I guess I can try catching her now." Tokimae said grabbing a Pokeball from her bag. "Go Pokeball!" The pokeball tapped the Pokemon and a beam of red light captured her and brought her inside the ball. The ball hit the ground and began to shake. Tokimae waited nervously.
The Pokemon was released from the ball. She looked angry as she charged at the Manectric. "Chikk!" she yelled using tackle.
The attack was successful, knocking Ethan right into a tree. "No!" Tokimae yelled. "Come on Ethan, you can do it!" She said. "Use thunder shock one more time!" she yelled. He stood up and locked eyes with the Chikorita.
Ethan missed. His accuracy must be dwindling. Tokimae bit her lip. She doesn't know how much longer he will last. The Chikorita giggled and used vine whip.
The Chikorita missed by Ethan jumping up into the air. "Nice thinking. Can you keep going?" she asked and he nodded. "Alright, use bite!"
Ethan landed the hit and held her there enough time for Toki to grab another Pokeball. "Alright, come on!" she yelled throwing the Pokeball and waiting patiently for the ball to become calm.
Tokimae smiled and walked over to pick up her new friend. She turned to Ethan, "You did fantastic." She praised. She then began to bend down to pet him.
Tokimae stood up and thanked the breeder and he told her to take good care of her. He enjoyed to watch the battle. The two exchanged numbers for Tokimae to inform him on how she's doing in the future. She decided to run to the Pokemon center to heal her Pokemon before naming her. She apologized to Rin and Zak and said she would return shortly.

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14Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:12 pm

Rin and Zak waved as Toki ran off. "We'll"

Zak looked down and to the side after realizing they were alone. He attempted conversation It's pretty cool that she got a Chikorita...not a very common Pokemon....

I suppose we could go do something since we're in Nimbasa; there's a lot to do here. We could go ride the ferris wheel...whatdoya say, Rin? Zak smiled, in hopes she'd agree.

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15Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:43 pm

Rin turned from Mandy's scene to Zakarii. "Oh wow, I love ferris wheels!" She smiled at him and stood up dusting herself off. "I'd love too~" She called back all of her Pokemon except for Momo and placed him on her shoulder.

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16Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] Empty Re: Ferris Wheel and Junk[OPEN] on Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:18 pm

Tokimae made it to the Pokemon center and had her Pokemon healed up. She thanked Nurse Joy who always does a wonderful job with helping out Trainer's Pokemon. She took her Pokeballs back and walked outside. She then released Ethan and Chikorita and bent down to there level. They cheered. "Hey there Chikorita! Now, I've decided on a nickname for you." She paused. "How about Hana?" she said. The Chikorita jumped into Tokimae's arms. "Chikorita!!" Hana said. "Okay! Hana it is." Tokimae put her down and released all of her Pokemon. "Okay guys, say hello to a new addition to our team. This is Hana!" Tokimae said. Everyone greeted the new Pokemon and Hana felt right at home. Tokimae gave a treat to each Pokemon and returned them except Hana and Ethan. She then decided to see what the others were up to and wondered back to the park. She felt bad for leaving Rin alone with Zak. Who knows what kind of moves he'll try to pull on her. She sighed.

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