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Rayne Beau

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1Rayne Beau Empty Rayne Beau on Sun Aug 18, 2013 11:31 pm

Name: Rayne Beau (Pronounced RainBow)
Age: 15
Body: Thin and Fit
Hair: Long Dark brown hair worn usually in a braid
Eyes:A dark reddish Brown
Job: A Travelling Street performer.

Personality: Rayne is very Energetic and Happy despite her past. some would say she is overly happy,and optimistic.People usually take her as impulsive.But she really just wants people to like her, ending in her trying too hard.

History:    The five year old Rayne looked up at her Father, who had just recently returned from a week-long business trip.She was so excited. Rayne did not like her nanny Morgon, For she was way to strict,and always yelled at her for climbing the trees to play with the wild Emolga.
    She remembers coming home one day to find her Father in his Chair and call to her "Raynie Honey come here! their is someone I'd like you to meet" But of course being 6 Years old she was excited and thought it must be another poke'mon he had caught on business. She sat in her Father's lap excited. When he called a name. It could be that she simply doesn't remember it, or she refuses too. A woman with long bright green curly hair pulled behind her head,wearing a tight-too tight business suit, walk in from the other room. Rayne remembers her father telling her that he will be marrying this woman.
    It's been a couple years Rayne has just turned 11. She remembers The woman she used to be forced to call mom had left with an evil cackle as she had taken her father's house and wealth in the middle of the night.. Now here she stood at the old house's ruins crying,as she looked at her father and said "Daddy.. I'll be strong.. I'll get revenge.." But what she didn't know and was soon to find out, That the Woman was a Well known Gold digging identity thief from an evil organization from somewhere in the region. Her Father had become a well known Street performer,to support them.Even now Rayne wonders,How could he smile even though they slept in a tent. She could still remember him giving her a present on her 13th birthday. "Sweetie..It may not be much, But I want to give you this.. it was your mothers.No, Not that filthy one. Your real one. She would've wanted you to have it. Hold it when you're sd, or in need of strength" What Rayne didn't know is that her father was terminally ill and had been hiding it from her. She didn't know until the day, she found him dead, The doctors say his organs had shut down."
  Now 4 years later, Rayne Travels all over Unova, with her poke'mon Performing in the streets of most city's,towns and Villages.

Species: Vaporeon,name:Anora,Gender:Female
Rayne Met Anora  and her brother Axel together. They were both newborn Eevees that were abandoned. She found them being attacked by a Graveller. Rayne placed her life over the Twin Eevees life, and had charged into stance in front of them and took the Graveller's Rock Smash attack. Barely able to walk she grabbed them both and forced herself to run with them, all the way to a Poke'center. When she arrived she had fainted.

Rayne met Axel the same way she met Anora, But When she went looking for both the baby eevee's she could only find Anora. a couple months later, she was finally able to track Down Axel, Only to find him in a Daycare center. Evolved into a leafeon.

Rayne had met Buizel when she was bathing in the River and playing with Anora. She kept feeling Berries hitting the back of her head, but thought it was just the wind, knocking the Cheri Berries loose. Anora soon jumped into defensive mode when the "wind" Jumped out of the bush in offensive position, and thus we did battle. (Rayne is pretty positive Berry is the reason why She became a Vaporeaon)

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