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Natasha Wood

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1Natasha Wood Empty Natasha Wood on Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:58 am

Name: Natasha Wood
Age: 27
Height: 5"8
Body: Very thin
Hair: Leaf green
Eyes: Gold
Job: Anything villainous she can achieve for money / Associated with Team Plasma

Natasha was very young when she developed her snappy and rude sense of humor and her knack for bringing people down. She'll do anything she can for wealth, so she can fill her emotional void and physical debt. She doesn't care about much other than her Pokemon and her past life.

She was very young when her mother abandoned her and her father, because of his involvement with an evil organization. Growing up she never saw much of either of her parents due to this. She never made friends growing up, and all the workers at her father's mansion were either fired, quit, or spontaneously disappeared. She spent most of her time inside until she met a small Magby that was stuck in a tree and was scared of heights. She began to spend a lot more time outside training and playing with her new partner Hikino. She had never been so happy, but her dad started noticing her and her Pokemon growing and tried to force her to use Hikino for bad things, like stealing money and Pokemon from people. She, being scared of her father due to his amount of authority, did so until she was fifteen.

Around that time her father was growing old and his authority seemed to dwindle down with his energy as his evil organization deteriorated and fell in. On a night when it was cold and silent, because there were no longer any workers, since they had no money to be paid in, Natasha butted heads with her father. He told her he wanted her to run the family business, because of how sick he was getting. She told him she was done being a slave to his evil intentions and she was washing her hands of being related to him at all. He patted her head and said they would talk about it in the morning. There was no morning to talk. Natasha packed up and her and Hikino left in the middle of the night. She decided to go to a nursing school and get a job. After her shifts as a waitress, she would personally go visit nurse Joy and receive lessons on mending wounds, illnesses, and broken bones. She had an apartment, and had caught a few more Pokemon in her spare time. Natasha couldn't have had a happier life. She had met a boy at one of her courses at the Pokemon Center. They had fallen in love and intended to be married. Natasha had forgotten that she had been using her fathers credit card to spite him on occasion.

Through the card her father had tracked her and one day her and her lover heard a knock on the door. Three big burly men trudged in and said that her father had sent them. Natasha did everything in her power to get them to finally leave, but she left with them. After her fiance had been shoved on the couch and threatened by one of the men, her stuff had somewhat been packed up by another, she was grabbed by the remaining one and rushed out. The last thing she remembers was her and her love reaching towards each other crying. They dropped her off at her father's new mansion in Unova, he claimed that she wasn't to run away from him anymore, and to pay off her debt of leaving him in sickness. The father and daughter obviously resentful towards each other, a compromise had to be made. She was to get him a certain amount of money, and he would give her old life back.

Of course now she was a missing person across the region, so it wasn't easy. She had to commit identity theft multiple times. She would do anything to pay of the larger debt. She stole from stores, pick-pocketed, and even married men to steal their money. It was never hard to fake her love for the victims of false marriage. All she had to do was remember her fiance. After a few years she started to become bitter. After wrecking many families and being wanted in many places, Natasha began to slowly lose hope. The debt only got bigger it seemed, and each day she started feeling emptier and emptier. The thoughts of him were the only ones that kept her going sometimes, but other times they only brought her down. She often made herself believe he had to have moved on by now and was happier.

The only thing that gave her a feeling that reminded her of the happiness she once had is her friend and partner Naomi, and the Pokemon she kept close to her heart. Convinced that she would never see him again, everything she did was more menacing than years before. There was a hole in her heart that could only be filled by love, but was instead substituted with other's misery and wealth.  


Natasha Wood Magby

Hikino , Magby (Partner)

Hikino was Natasha's only friend growing up, and they grew stronger together, despite the unimaginable tasks they were pushed into doing. No matter how hard a day or month or year was, they always had each other to lean on.

Natasha Wood Dp_munchlax_m_front

Reiz , Munchlax

Reiz was a Pokemon who was abandoned at the Pokemon Center Natasha worked at and Nurse Joy asked her to deliver it to the daycare. She did so, but as it was a long journey the two grew on each other. When they arrived the daycare lady could see they were attached and suggested she keep her instead.

Natasha Wood Pbucket

Pamu , Psyduck

Natasha saved Psyduck from somehow nearly drowning, despite it being a water type. This Psyduck was always around this specific creek Natasha had her lunch at. After quite a few times of it nearly drowning, and falling out of trees, Natasha decided to capture him to keep him safe from doing such foolish things.

Natasha Wood 430

Joso , Honchkrow (Shiny)

Natasha obtained Joso from an ex-husband as a gift. Knowing it was shiny she attempted to use it as leverage for her father to let her go. Upon noticing the gender of the pink bird was male, He merely laughed at her and said he could use it for target practice. She swiped back the bird and decided to keep it safe from her reckless father. She taught him to be powerful, despite his appearance. Joso gets very aggressive when confused with a female due to his coloring.

Natasha Wood MetapodNormalSprite

Lakodai , Metapod

In her nursing classes, Natasha and her lover had nursed an egg to hatch into a Caterpie. They named him together and raised it practically like it was their own child. The day she was kidnapped by her father's grunts, she happened to have him in her care. They intended to evolve him before their wedding and let him be the ring bearer. She refrains from evolving him, telling herself they promised to do it together and they will.

Natasha Wood Natu

Kotori , Natu (Shiny)

Kotori was a proposal gift from Nurse Joy. The bird had always been very curious and sneaky, so now Kotori will usually spy on people for Natasha and lure them to her.

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