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1This is shorely new Empty This is shorely new on Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:23 pm

Toot Toot BWAAAAHHH. The boat jolted to a stop at the dock of the beautiful Undella Beach. Rin stood near the front of the boat nearly squirming out of her shoes in excitement. She turned to Toki and smiled "I am so excited. The only time I travel is whenever you call me, and I love this place." Rin felt a nudge and looked down at her Ponyta and smiled apologetically. Jadi was usually there to calm Rin down whenever she got overly excited. Rin stroked Jadi's blue mane. Jadi nuzzled her hand in response.

The exit of the boat was lowered and secured with the shouts of the crew men telling everyone aboard they may safely leave now. Rin couldn't contain herself and ran off the ramp and onto the beach out of excitement. She got ahead of herself and ended up all the way across the beach on the sidewalk. She turned to see she had ran too far away from Toki and Jadi was dashing to catch up. "Oops~" She murmured and looked down embarrassed by how she over reacted and felt bad leaving Tokimae behind.

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Tokimae smiled at Rin and the Pokemon as they arrived. "Haha, no problem. I can't travel anywhere really without you. You're my traveling buddy now. And I adore your Pokemon!" Toki said. Tokimae watched as Rin ran off. "Wow, she sure does get ahead of herself huh?" Tokimae laughed talking to Jadi. She then had the urge to pet her, but still thought that it would be wise to ask Rin about it first. She kept walking as Rin ran back. "Haha, no you're fine." She said. "Say, do you think Jadi would let me pet her; and not burn me." Toki whispered to Rin.

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3This is shorely new Empty Re: This is shorely new on Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:05 am

Rin's lips cracked into a grin as she leaned down and scratched Jadi's ear. "What do you think of Tokimae, girl?" Jadi grunted and looked away. "Aw c'mon, just let her pet you?"

Jadi let out an obviously annoyed breath and stretched her neck to invite Tokimae's hand to her head. "Nyyy" Rin stood straight up and motioned for Toki to pet her.

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Tokimae's facial expression glowed. She petted Jadi and she felt cold. Tokimae was relieved. "Thank you." She said to the both of them. "Hey, let's go grab some lunch. When I was a kid my parents used to always bring me to this one diner whenever we would go on vacation there." she said "come on! It's up on a cliff, so we need to take some stairs!" she laughed and begin walking. Ethan decided to lead the way, he always remembered getting yummy food from the diner. Not only was it for people, but also for Pokemon! The two reached the doors of this cute restaurant. Tokimae went inside making sure Rin was close behind her and she found a nice spot where you could see the Bay.

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Avery was walking up the shoreline right about this time. He saw the girls get off the boat and smiled to see them enjoying the simple fact that they were in Undella Town. In a way, he guessed he took it for granted, living here. Caline lifted up to brush her back against his hand as she walked beside of him. This stirred him from his thoughts and caused him to smile brightly once more. With a cheerful laugh, he continued down the beach, having decided that he would follow the girls. They were heading towards the diner and neither he nor Caline had eaten today. It seemed like a good idea.

"Well then. Come on, Cali. I think it is time to find something to eat." His teal eyes sparkled as he spoke to his Pokémon. He obviously had a deep connection with her.

She responded just as happily, "Furr!"

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Rin turned a few times on the way there and noticed a blonde boy following them. Rin shrugged it off and continued into the diner with her friend. Rin skipped happily behind Toki and slid into the seat across from hers. The diner appeared to be pretty busy, but she was enjoying herself either way. She peered out the window admiring the scenery. "This place is so pretty." Rin giggled and picked up a menu that was laying on the table. When she decided what she wanted she set down her menu and watched all the Pokemon and trainers in the diner as she waited patiently for Toki to decide.

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The waitress arrived and placed two waters down for the two girls. Tokimae then ordered what she wanted. She also requested Electric type Pokemon food for Ethan, who has been laying under the table by her feet. She looked outside and noticed a Furret. She loved Furrets, her grandmother's Partner Pokemon was a Furret. She would play with him a lot, she trailed of in thought.

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Arriving at the door after scaling the steps up the cliffside, Avery pushes it open and ducks inside. Caline slips in beside of him, staying close even though she is very curious and eager to meet new people. She knew how to act in public. Avery had been taking her to his parents' events for years.

The blond young man pats the Furret on the head and smooths back the silk bandana around her neck. "Let's sit over here." He points to a table in the corner, right next to the girls. Like the girls, he enjoyed having a view of the bay while he ate. Excited now, Cali zipped across the floor of the restaurant, under the table and up into a seat. She sat as if she was a human, obviously pleased with herself.

Laughing softly, he moved to take a seat with his friend. He made eye contact with Rin as he walked by, but quickly dragged his icy blue eyes away. It was curious how he was dressed. One could not mistake the fact that his clothes were of high quality, name brands. Yet, he dressed seemingly comfortable. His shirt was slightly tight, fitting well to his body and his jeans were resting easily on his hips, held up by a rather fancy leather belt. The watch on his arm had to cost at least P20000.

When he arrived at the table, the waitress was right behind him, almost stumbling to keep up, "Mister Angelo... So good to see you. Can I get you your usual? A Mago Berry Tea and Sweet Poffins for Miss Caline?"

He flashed her a smile, chuckling at her eagerness, "Yes, please. You have a good memory, Victoria." The color of the girl's face changed drastically as she turned away. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her uniform shirt was kind of baggy, not really flattering her figure. She couldn't be more than fifteen.

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Rin watched the boy walk in and studied him thoroughly. She eyed his clearly expensive clothes and his Furret. Their eyes met and she looked back quickly to her friend. "Do you see that boy?" She questioned in a low tone to not be heard by anyone but Tokimae as she began fumbling her fingers on the silverware that was placed neatly on the table previous to their arrival. "He followed us here. Did you notice?" Rin leaned out of her chair to look at him more.

"Perhaps it was a coincidence" She murmured and used her elbow as support to lean and get a closer look at him. Her elbow skidded across the silverware, making her begin falling over. Jadi, who was sitting tightly next to the table as to politely allow walking space for others, clamped her snout at Rin's dress yanking at it just enough to swing her back to balance. Rin threw her arms in front of her to stand straight up. Jadi let go of her dress to allow her to sit down, which she did very quickly. Rin's face flushed immensely as she raised her eyes to Toki apologetically. She always felt she embarrassed her best friend in public. Rin covered her mouth and looked around. She hoped no one saw that, especially not the boy whom she was so rudely staring at prior to the incident. She directed her tearing up blurry eyes to the boy again hoping he hadn't seen her fall nor staring at him.

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Tokimae glanced back when Rin mentioned the boy. She looked quickly hoping she wasn't obvious. "No I didn't." she whispered and watched as Rin began to grow paranoid.  "Hey, calm down hun." she began. Toki grabbed her wrist to get her attention. "It might have been. He could just be hungry. Just chill, he's a cute guy. If he's some stalker, we've got some pretty strong Pokemon. There's no reason to be freaking out." Tokimae said trying to comfort her. She glanced back a second time. This time she noticed the Furrent but caught his eyes. She turned away. He must be the owner of that Furret I saw outside. How adorable and, it's wearing a scarf! I can't handle this. Tokimae let go of her wrist and turned to the window covering her face. She then was startled by Rin almost falling. "Are you..." she started to say when Rin stood straight up. "Uh."
She could tell Rin was embarrassed. Toki giggled. "Hey, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You're great." She smiled. "Don't worry about the boy unless he approaches us dear. Right now you're just on a lunch date with your best friend." she said.

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He had most certainly seen it, but he acted as if he hadn’t, looking instead out the window towards the bay. Caline, though polite, did not have manners that advanced. She stared at the human girl with big eyes. There was no kind of ridicule present in them. Only concern for her safety. Such was the way with most Pokémon.

For a while he just sat, staring out at the water. From where he was sitting, the window cast a perfect reflection on the dining room behind him. He was able to monitor everything rather well. When Victoria came back, he turned to smile at her. The girl placed a cup and a small teapot in front of him and then small bowl of poffins in the center of the table, accompanied by a small saucer that she placed in front of Caline. The Furret wriggled in her seat, hardly managing to contain her excitement. “Ur... Furret...” But, they were in public still. She knew that she had to be good.

Avery cast his eyes on the girl, his smile still white and friendly, “Thank you, Victoria.” The way he said her name was notable. He seemed to personally acknowledge her every time she tended to him, a habit that made the girl blush every time. It was obvious that he was used to good service. He could not seem like less of a threat, however. In fact, to an onlooker, he would appear to be a very kind individual, genuinely happy to be interacting with his peers. “I will let you know if I need anything else.”

“Oh, of course, Mr. Angelo... I-” She stopped as he raised a hand to silence her.

“Please, darling. Call me Avery. We have known each other for far too long to use such formalities.” He flashed her another grin, all but erasing her immediate thoughts.

Stumbling, she tried to save herself from the brief moment of silence that ensued, “Yes... Well... Sure, Mr... I mean... Avery.” She sighed, embarrassed. “I’ll be right over there.”

On her way back, she stopped to check on the girls' table, her face still very pink.

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Locking eyes with the Furret, Rin squirmed in her seat. Rin buried her face in her hands in relief that he didn't see, and no one else except the Furret seemed to acknowledge it either. She let out an exasperated sigh, still infuriated with herself for nearly making a scene. With a deep breath she pulled her hands away, taking the few tears on her eyelashes with them. She directed her attention back to Tokimae. "Thank you.. Its reassuring to know you feel that way." She gave a sheepish grin still feeling foolish and embarrassed, but glad to know she had a friend like Tokimae.

Rin lifted her glass and timidly took a few sips as she overheard the conversation between the waitress and the boy. Looking down she swirled the glass gently in her hand making the water splash against the inside of the cup nearly exiting the rim. Hearing the girls voice she looked up. Rin shook her head and said she was fine before the girl could say anything. She looked over to Tokimae expectantly.

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Outside the Diner, Rayne was doing her last performance for the evening. Anora was using her Water Jet attack to keep Rayne in the air as she flipped. As Rayne went to land, Berry caught her and they began to dance to a song that was kinda uppity. Rayne laughed as a little girl with long blue hair came over and started dancing with her. Axel, also finding this humorous, jumped over from where he was waiting for the third act and started to dance with her. Rayne was sure people could hear the music and laughter of the now forming group. Rayne lifted the girl up and did a standing backflip. "Wow! You're a great dancer!" Rayne told the llittle girl, who giggled with glee before running off to her parents.

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Rin ate most of her food and stared down at her plate. After a few minutes of pushing around her food on her plate she looked out the window she looked out the window and saw the performance taking place. "Toki, look!" Rin dropped her fork and marveled at the girl's grace and happiness. She dropped her fork and stood from her chair. "C'mon I wanna see closer!" Rin nearly shouted in excitement as she gripped her friend's hand and practically dragged her out. She cut around the door sharply and ran over to the performing girl. "You're so good!" She shouted over all the cheering and picture taking people crowding around her.

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Tokimae was caught off guard by Rin's reaction to the dancer. "Hmm?" She quickly payed for the food before Rin gripped her hand and ran out the door. She called to Ethan having him follow. Toki watched as the girl did her performance. She was fantastic. The fact that she brought her Pokemon in for the routine was brilliant. Using the Pokemon's abilities to help her dance.

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16This is shorely new Empty Re: This is shorely new on Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:16 pm

Rayne, noticed the Girl,across the crowd that yelled out how good she was. Most people in Undella had seen her dance already. So since it was someone new. Rayne decided to send Berry to greet the traveller.Rayne Giggled quite noticeably as she watched, Berry bounce the girl in the air using Water Gun. "I'm sorry,He really likes you! Berry let her down!" The water Type poke'mon dropped the cute girl. Rayne just barely managed to catch the Girl.Finding it Extreamely funny. She laughed deeply. And soon stood up, Offered her hand."I'm Rayne By the way"

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