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Tokimae Johnson

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1Tokimae Johnson Empty Tokimae Johnson on Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:27 pm

Name: Tokimae Johnson
Tokimae Johnson Toki212
Age: 17
Height: 5'4''
Body: Skinny, but not too skinny.
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Green
Job: Pokemon Photographer


Tokimae is a strong willed young girl. She never gives up without a fight. She is very kind and caring; she would do anything for her friends. You do not want to tick this girl off. She is very silly and just want's to show people she's there. Tokimae puts others before herself most of the time. She is unique and get confused sometimes. But she'll always correct herself. She can always bring a smile to your face.   



She grew up in a small town in a great home with loving parents. Her best friend is Yumi Toshiko. Yumi lives in Nacrene City. She works at the Museum so she rarely visits; but when she does, you will know. She always gives a great first impression. Tokimae is almost finished with school and is now a Pokemon Photographer. She owns a business helped out by her parents called "Keemi's Photography Business." Located on Route 3 in a beautiful sage colored home. She lives in her own home on her parents property. They even let her use the home for her business. She may be young but don't let that fool you; she's a very intelligent girl who just want's to pursue her dream and please her clients. When she doesn't have a request from a client then she's off with her friends and Pokemon enjoying her life.


Random Fact(s):

She often makes her Pokemon model for her. Her Pokemon enjoy it though, especially Keemi.  
Her passion is Pokemon Photography.
She also enjoys drawing her Pokemon.
Her favorite place is the park and the beach.


Tokimae Johnson 059
Arcanine (Fido) {Male}

Given to Tokimae for a Christmas present when he was a Growlithe, been friends ever since. There bond is stronger than anything. They'd do anything for each other. Tokimae often rides on his back. Fido is always up for a race with other Pokemon. He is fast and intelligent.  Joined at age 5.


Tokimae Johnson 310
Manectric (Ethan) {Male}

When he was an Electrike he would follow Tokimae to school everyday and wait for her to get out and follow her home. He was left at the Pokemon Daycare. Someone just dropped him off and didn't want anything to do with him. She finally asked him if he wanted to join her team. He happily agreed. Ethan never goes inside of his Pokeball because he feels he needs to be protecting Tokimae at all times. Ethan is smaller than other Manectrics. Joined at age 10.


Tokimae Johnson 022
Fearow (Talon) {Female}

When the Professor was trying out some new Pokemon she got from the Kanto region Fido was wondering through the tall grass looking for berries that may have fallen off the trees. He found a few when Talon flew in and claimed them as hers. This frustrated Fido that he started a battle with the Spearow. Tokimae decided to catch her because she liked her personality. Talon is bigger than a normal Fearow, Tokimae was never sure why but it worked out for her because she could ride on her back. Caught as a Spearow at age 11.


Tokimae Johnson 553
Krookodile (George) {Male}

George used to belong to one of Tokimae's old friends Yumi. Tokimae used to own an Audino named Joy. Yumi really wanted an Audino but could never find one. So they traded Pokemon. Traded as a Sandile at age 7.


Tokimae Johnson Croconaw
Croconaw (Keemi) {Female}

Tokimae's grandmother had a few Pokemon that she brought back from the Johto region. Totodile saw Tokimae and she stuck to her like glue. Refuses to evolve for a while. She is very stubborn but has a silly side as well. She is a little clueless sometimes just like her trainer. She has a sassy nature and does what she wants, even if that means winning a battle. Joined at age 15

Tokimae Johnson Chikorita
Chikorita (Hana) {Female}

Tokimae met Hana on a trip to Nimbasa town. She caught Tokimae's camera and was overjoyed by Tokimae's kindness. She wanted to join her team. She belonged to a Pokemon Breeder who gave permission for her to join, but only if she wanted to. Hana is very strong and won't give up without giving it her all. Instead of just joining she wanted to challenge Tokimae to a battle to win her trust. She will occasionally stay outside of her Pokeball with Ethan. Ethan and Hana are best friends. Joined at age 17.



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