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Naomi Akina

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1Naomi Akina Empty Naomi Akina on Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:38 am

Name: Naomi Akina
Age: 24
Height: 5'9''
Body: Curvy
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Job:  Team Plasma Grunt

Personality: Naomi is very easily angered, and has little patience. She can be extremely sarcastic and selfish. Pretty much, she'll do whatever she needs to to get what she wants. She has a sweet side but rarely shows it to anyone by the Pokemon that joined her and Natasha.

History: She was born in Iccirus City. Naomi had a bad experience where she felt her parents abused a Pokemon's use. She then felt strongly on the idea that Pokemon and people should be separated. She found an organization called Team Plasma. She ran away from home and joined at a young age. She met her best friend there, Natasha. They decided to become partners and are trying there hardest to achieve their goal. Naomi specializes in ice type Pokemon. She is often seen wearing a casual black dress with a light blue bow on the back. Even thought she agrees Pokemon and people should be separated, she loved her Pokemon team. They all joined by choice and she respects and takes care of every one of them, and they know this. For all of her Pokemon she gave them the option to leave, they refused. Maybe someone some day could change the way she feels.

Naomi Akina 471
Glaceon (Lisa) {Female}

She recieved the Glaceon from her Aunt. She tried to release her but she wouldn't leave Naomi's side. Joined at age 5.
Naomi Akina 613
Cubchoo (Mark) {Male}

Naomi found Cubchoo stuck in a tree. He's probably one of the cutest Pokemon she's ever seen. She got him down with the help of Lisa and he wouldn't leave her side. So they became friends. Joined at age 7.
Naomi Akina 087
Dewgong (Kira) {Female}

Was an abandoned Pokemon when she was a Seel. Naomi retreved her from Nurse Joy. Joined at a age 10.
Naomi Akina 363
Spheal (Wren) (Male)

Naomi was given this Pokemon by a breeder she helped out when she was young. He was like her other father.

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