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Mikuru Allah

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1Mikuru Allah Empty Mikuru Allah on Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:13 pm

Name: Mikuru Allah
Age: 16
Height: 4'5"
Body: Skinny/Slim/Petite
Hair: Snow white and to her knees.
Eyes: Blood Red
Job: Pokèmon Trainer

Very sweet, innocent, and kind. She enjoys helping others and putting a smile on everyones face. She tends to be very clumsy at times.

Her mother died while giving birth to her and her father died in war. She lives with her older sister who doesn't seem to like Mikuru very much. She had a lonely childhood so she's used to being alone for long periods of time but would love to make new friends on her journey. Despite her troubled past she always managed to stay as optimistic and cheerful as possible even when things were at their worst.


Leafeon(Milly)- Female
Mikuru Allah Leafeon
Milly was the first Pokèmon she was given. They met in a flower field one day when Mikuru was left all alone to play by her self. At first glance they knew they were meant to become partners.

Pachirisu(Shiny)- Male
Mikuru Allah Pachirisu
One day when Mikuru took Milly outside for some fresh air they noticed an interesting looking Pachirisu in the grass. She took the opportunity to catch him before he escaped.

Ponyta- Male
Mikuru Allah Ponyta
Mikuru went outside to train her Pokèmon like any other day when she spotted an injured Ponyta on the side of the path. She quickly helped the poor thing and nursed it back to health. Since then the Ponyta has felt forever in debt to her.

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