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Sarah Riley

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1Sarah Riley Empty Sarah Riley on Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:33 pm

Name: Sarah Riley
Age: 22
Height: 5’6
Body: Athletic
Hair: Short, Black, straight.
Eyes: Purple
Tats/piercings: ears pierced, celtic trinity knot in blue red and green on her back right hip.
Job: Courier  


Sarah Riley Spr_2c_197Umbreon (Meeko) {female}
Bite, Flash, Attract, Quick attack

Her original starter pokemon was an Eevee passed down to her from her foster father/mentor Alex. With time Meeko evolved one summer night showing just how strong their bond was.

Sarah Riley Spr_2c_155Cyndaquil {male}
Cut , Smoke screen, Flame wheel, Quick attack

Found on one of her recent  journeys.isn’t sure why he hasn’t Evolved yet but isn’t going to push him.

Sarah Riley Spr_5b_520Tranquill {Male}
Fly, Quick attack, Air cutter, Taunt

Caught on one of her first days as a trainer.

Sarah Riley Spr_3e_258Mudkip {female}
Water gun, Mud slap, Growl, Surf

A gift from a friend who’s a breeder for the White Wind Couriers

Personality: Hard working and Fun, Sara is one of White Wind’s best couriers. She’ll do whatever it takes to make sure the packages she’s delivering make it on time.  She's reliable, good with directions, loyal, and outspoken but also has a tendency to trust too much/too little at times, push herself too hard, has a quick temper, and not thinking before she acts.

History: as most WWC kids, Sarah was found at a young age wandering the streets and was recruited into the business with promises of a bed to sleep in and food to eat. She apprenticed under Alexander (Alex) Riley, who was the man that had originally found and recruited her. Alex was and still is one of WWC’s top 5 Couriers who is best known for his Eveeloutions. she trained under his wing until the standard age of 13 when she was sent on her year journey to collect her Gym badges.

After she came back with all of them she went through the initiation testing by the five leaders of WWC and once she passed Sarah was allowed to take on jobs by herself.  WWC are not allowed to take on apprentices until they are at least 18 /or/have battled the elite four and won. since she has done both Sarah can take on an apprentice at anytime she just hasn't found 'the right person' yet.

Still, when Sarah is at 'home' (meaning the main Household the WWC's run) she helps out whenever she can teaching the younger kids.

Rumor Mill/Random 'facts'
(some of this is Rumor some is Fact, what is and is not will be revealed over time)

  • A lot of folks comment how she always takes any deliveries near Striation city and spends a lot of time with the three gym leaders there.
  • it's unknown if she's dating one of them .
    some who've seen her tattoo question if she's dating /all/ of them.
  • Some have said Sar has picked up her mentors love of Jazz over the last few years.
  • Among the WWC, whispers have been heard about how Sarah may be looking for an apprentice soon.
  • It's said that Sarah is a horrible cook.
  • It's also said she's a great cook so who the hell knows.
  • There's been questions on her views on the recent Team Plasma incidents but Sar refuses to comment.
  • Sar never talks about her life before being a courier. some say she's a runaway from a rich family 'unable to handle being a perfect doll' , others think she had a hard childhood and 'did whatever she could to survive'. as with all tales her's falls somewhere in the middle.

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