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Werner von Brandt

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1Werner von Brandt Empty Werner von Brandt on Sun Apr 05, 2015 2:27 pm

Name: Werner von Brandt
Nicknames: N/A
Rank: I
Age: 16
Height: 5'9"
Body: Average
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Job: Pokemon Breeder... Someday...

Werner is very protective of his Pokemon, often fretting about his companions during battles. Despite their efforts too quell the young man's worries, he still gets a little bothered when his Pokemon take damage. He is very kind, offering any sort of assistance to those in need. He can be a bit rash sometimes, putting himself in danger to protect those who need it. As an aspiring Pokemon Breeder, he is immensely knowledgeable on the amazing creatures that inhabit his world. This trait has earned him the title of "The walking PokeDex" from his friends and family. Due to his dreams of being a Pokemon Breeder, he has also touched on the subjects of Pokemon grooming and nutrition. Warm-hearted, loyal, and a little anxious, Werner is ready to take on the Hoenn region with his partner at his side.

Werner was born and raised in the town of Lavaridge. Werner has always lived with his great-aunt, who is one of the women who frequent the town's famous hot springs. His childhood friend was Flannery, the town's current Gym Leader. But as children, the two romped and played all day at the base of Mount Chimney. Whenever the two saw a Pokemon on their adventures, Werner always had to tell Flannery everything he knew about it, much to the young girl's annoyance. When Flannery obtained her Torkoal from her grandfather, the then Gym Leader of the town, Werner quickly started to beg his aunt for his own Pokemon partner. The young boy's aunt quickly gave in and allowed Werner to have his own Pokemon. That same night, his aunt told him of a litter of Houndour that had been born a couple of weeks ago. Werener was so excited to hear the news, the child almost jumped out of his shorts. One week later, he and his aunt were on their way to the home of the owner of the litter. As they arrived, young Werner was about to explode form excitement. They stepped through the door to the home, and a swarm of little wiggling Houndour tackled him to the ground. As he struggled to stand up, he noticed a rather tiny pup still trying to say hello. He instantly knew that this tiny Houndour would be his partner, and so he, his aunt, and the newest member of their family went back home.

Fast forward about 7 years, and we have present-day Werner, itching to become the best Breeder he can be.


Werner von Brandt 228
Houndour, Persephone : Female : Level C2 : 115 EXP
Persephone was Werner's partner that he got when he was nine years old, and the two had been inseparable ever since. Since Flannery had become busy with her Gym Leader training, Werner and Persephone would explore Mt. Chimney by themselves. Day in and day out, the pair would go up and down the mountain. Due to Persephone's bold nature, she often caused Werner to freak out when she would climb steep rocks, or even challenge some of the local wild Pokemon. Although she's tiny, you could say she's quite the spitfire.

Werner von Brandt 287
Slakoth, Loaf Cake : Female : Level C1 : 20 EXP
Loaf Cake was Werner's second Pokemon that he obtained. On a trip to Rustboro City, Werner and Persephone decided to explore the Petelburg Woods together. While in the woods, the pair saw a bunch of Pokemon that Werner knew about but had never seen. One such Pokemon was a certain Slakoth. This young Pokemon, as most Slakoth do, was hanging from a tree branch. As Werner was walking by, the branch suddenly snapped, sending the helpless Slakoth hurdling towards the ground. Werner dove to catch the young Slacker Pokemon. Once he made sure Slakoth was not hurt, the lazy little thing crawled its way up to Werner's head and sat there, almost like a hat. It quickly fell asleep, and that's when he decided to catch it and name it Loaf Cake. Being a Slakoth, little Loaf Cake has quite a relaxed nature, being carefree and calm. Just as Persephone never leaves Werner's side, Loaf Cake never leaves his head.

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