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Yukari Izuna, hails from Kanto.. I mean Unova..?

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Quick Overview:

  • Name: Yukari Izuna

  • Nickname: Yu-chan (family) Kari-chan (Close friends)

  • Age: 17

  • Height: 5'6"

  • Body: Average, not too skinny and not to much chub. Has muscular tone to legs.

  • Hair: Natural: Dark Brown/Black. However likes to dye hair once in a while.

  • Eyes: Purple, sometimes looks royal violet.

  • Job: Adventure Enthusiast. If that doesn't fit the job description then lets throw in "Jr. Taekwondo Instructor".

  • Personality Traits: SUPER CURIOUS, Eccentric, Outgoing, Formal, Blunt, and a pinch of flirty. Just don't anger him, things become dangerous.

Son to Makuto and Haruna Izuna, Yukari was born in Saffron City, Kanto Region. His parents moved to Cinnabar Island shortly after Yu-chan was born because they wanted to escape the city life and the attack on Silph Tower was the perfect excuse to move away from their family. The Izuna's was a group who was part of the Fighting Dojo which had been held next to the famous Saffron Gym. Growing up on the island, Yukari was taught Taekwondo from his father, however, Yu-chan did not have a certain interest in learning martial arts but it was in exploration and finding secrets. In the end he basically mastered Taekwondo, but still followed his dreams of adventuring. In his early child hood, Yu-chan would sneak off to the abandon Pokemon mansion. His first time exploring, he got lost. As the day passed and night came, darkness covered over the sky and light no longer entered through the holes of the ceiling. Yu-chan is frightened of the dark, fortunately, some ghost Pokemon showed him the way out. Yu-chan went back day after day to hang out with the friendly ghost Pokemon. A few years past and after the volcano eruption destroyed Cinnabar Island, Yukari's family decided to move... to a new region. That region was called Unova. The Izunas had chosen to lived in Mistralton City. Izuna's thirst for adventure got over him as he wanted to explore this vast new land. By the time dusk had settled, he notice he was in a large tower. He got so wind-up in exploring he did not know where he was going so once again, he got lost. Being frightened of the dark, he almost cries but a friendly Litwick appears and attempts to give Yukari a hug but couldn't because it's tiny stubs didn't do the job, so it patted his head. Litwick showed Yukari out. As Yukari out, he notices Litiwick was following him, he payed no mind to it since he thought it was just keeping him safe. Little did he know, the Litwick has already decided to follow him where ever he goes. Turning the age of 11, Yukari's parents had decided to let him go on a adventure of his own. He started a year late but he practiced battling day and night with his good friend, Chisana (Nana for short) the Litwick. (Note: Chisana translate to "tiny" in japanese). Not long after his adventure started, Yukari leaves Opelucid City to hear a a faint cry in the distant. Being curious as a cat he is, Yukari rushes over to see what it was. The faint cry was a Pawniard crying, it looks badly hurt and was possibly bullied by other wild Pokemon. Yukari took it to the Pokemon Center and got it healed up in no time. As he leaves the center and gang of Pawniards show up looking maliciously at him. The newly healed Pawniard lets out a faint cry and Yukari instantly knew what was up. He sends out Nana and single handed beat them. Yukari then turns to re-assure the Pawniard that he was no longer in trouble but turn to see Pawniard look at you in a way that he just met a celebrity. Thus, Pawniard joined Yukari on his adventure. 6 years passed as Yukari explored the depths of Unova. Coming home, his parents welcomed him back with loving hugs and really good food. That was not the only present he got however. His father had gotten him a ticket. A ticket on a cruise to the Hoenn Region. With a new fiery thirst for adventure, Yukari left the very next day. Thus ending up in Slateport City and the Hoenn Region.

Yukari's Pokemon:

Yukari Izuna, hails from Kanto.. I mean Unova..? 607
Litwick, Chisana (Nana), Female: Level C3 : 612 EXP
Chisana is a very happy-going little Litwick. She loves exploring just as much as Yukari! Sometimes she pulls Yukari to move faster or take him somewhere. She is every playful and can sense when things are not right. Nana likes to hug and pat people and Pokemon's heads as a sign of love and encouragement. You could say she is a mixture of Jolly and Hasty. On rare days, Nana is Impish. Usually is seen floating around Yukari's head.

Yukari Izuna, hails from Kanto.. I mean Unova..? 624
Pawniard, Suko, Male: Level C2 : 585 EXP
Being a victim of bullying, Suko is shown to be a bit shy, but when it comes to determination and getting down to it, he puts his foot down. He is very casual around Yukari. Nana likes to tease Suko sometimes because she helped saved him. Suko looks up to Nana because she is very energetic and likes to do things that Suko may not do. Suko has broken out of his shell bit by bit through the 6 years he has been with Yukari but still not fully out. He is Timid and Mild. Usually is in his Pokeball because new people sorta scare him.

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