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The Lockseed Legacy

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1The Lockseed Legacy Empty The Lockseed Legacy on Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:01 pm

Name: Briar Lockseed
Rank: I
Age: 20
Height: 5’3
Body: slim, unathletic
Hair: blonde, mid chest, wavy + curly
Eyes: yellow
Job: Owns a flower shoppe with her sister

Briar is soft, quiet, and kind. She’s a refreshing change from her sister. She never seems to have anything negative to say towards anyone.  

Briar and her sister lived with their father in petalburg woods. Their father began taking samples and studying the plant and pokemon life in the woods. He devoted his life to his studies and tried to get his daughters as invested as he was. Together the family was able to memorize and grow all the plants in the woods. They grew strong bonds with the pokemon of the forest, some taking it upon themselves to share foods and comforts with the family.

On the day that Briar turned nineteen her father came down with a terrible illness. He retold the events of a moody young oddish casting a powder on him. The family realized the spores were most likely one of oddishes moves 'poison powder'. The girls were in a slight panic at the thought of losing their father. They began a small herbal garden to see what could cure poison in humans.

A few months to the day their father passed. The girls buried their father in the depths of the forest and tried to allow themselves to move on. Briar's sister took it harder than she, the two deciding to go separate ways. Her sister began a pokemon adventure, running from herself and her past. Her travels take her to Kanto.

Briar, now alone, decided to pack up and leave Petalburg woods. On her long walk out of the woods she is stopped by a colony of beedril. They close in on her, but soon back away. As they back out a small object is left on the ground. An egg. They disperse, going on their paths, leaving the egg's care to Briar. She takes the weedle egg as her last memory of the forest, heading on her way to Fortree city to start a flower shoppe.

The Lockseed Legacy 013
Weedle, Pterelas: M : C1 : 0
Pterelas and Briar have overcome challenges opening and paying for the shoppe. The weedle has a strong sense of admiration for Briar, possibly genetically left there by it’s parents. Pterelas would do anything for his partner, and knows Briar feels the same.

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