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Antonio Coletti

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1Antonio Coletti Empty Antonio Coletti on Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:22 pm

Name: Antonio Coletti
Rank: I
Age: 21
Height: 6' 1"
Body: Slim, Dark Skin
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Job: Pokemon Entomologist

    Antonio is an eccentric scientist. His main driving force is logic. He is a blunt individual who will not abide nonsense. However, when it comes to something that interests him, he becomes enthusiastic and vibrant. He is constantly experimenting with bug pokemon and is fascinated by even the smallest breakthrough. He attaches very quickly with people who share his interests, but has difficulty holding a conversation with people who do not. Despite his callous and logical attitude, he cannot help but to intervene in matters involving pokemon getting hurt with no regard for his own safety. One thing Antonio hate more than anything is to lose. He takes defeat very hard and will not rest until he has overcome that which has defeated him. He has a tendency to talk very fast and with long words. In everything he does, he seeks absolute perfection

Since he was but a child, Antonio has been enamored with bug types. Against his parents behest, he would go into Eterna Forest and play with bugs types. His parents had hoped he put more stock into his studies than playing with bugs. Try as they might to keep him from running off, he would unfailingly do so and bring a “specimen” home with him. After a while, his parents gave in and suggested he go into Pokemon entomology. His parents had high expectations of him. If he was to associate with insects, he may as well make a career out of it. His parents wanted a world renowned scientist son. He loved bug pokemon. For a while, their interests aligned.
His studies took him all over the world. He graduated from the Johto Institute of Entomology and spent considerable time in Johto studying under Bugsy. Upon his return to Sinnoh, he came home to find his father alone. His father utters in a discordantly monotonous voice that he and his mother had a disagreement and that he wouldn’t be seeing her again. “We’re all we’ve got now.”. Unable to accept this turn of events, Antonio leaves home to become a Pokemon trainer. Burdened by loneliness, uplifted by freedom, Antonio begins his adventure for perfection.


Heracross, Athena :Female: C1: EXP 0
They say that if you slather a special tree in the Eterna Forest with honey, special bug Pokemon will appear! A youthful Antonio was eager to try, so he spent weeks gathering honey and slathering on all the trees he could find. The honey legend failed to mention that Aipom are much more common than Heracross. As he was beset by Aipom, a Heracross fell from a tree. The sleep deprived Heracross chased off all of the Aipom in a frenzied rage. As the Aipom scattered, the Heracross set its wrathful gaze at Antonio. Paralyzed by fear, Antonio could do nothing but watch as a disgruntled Heracross poised itself to attack. Acting purely on instinct, Antonio offers the Heracross some of his Honey. The once indignant beetle became curious. The Heracross took the remainder of Antonio’s honey and followed him home. Since then, they have been inseparable. Antonio gave Heracross a name befitting the lady of war she was: Athena.

Croagunk, Heqet :Female: C1: EXP 0
Upon his return from Johto, Antonio made a few stops before heading back to Eterna. One such stop was the Great Marsh in Pastoria. Hoping to experience an intresting specimen, he ventured deep into the marsh. After a few minutes, he saw a sight which he could not ignore. A young Croagunk was beset by a horde of Drapion. Antonio would have interfered anyway, but this Croagunk was different. This Croagunk was bright green with piercing red eyes. Antonio distracted the Drapion with bait and ran off with the Croagunk. Antonio decided to let the Croagunk go after they got away from the Drapion, but the Croagunk wasn't going anywhere. Still shaking in fear, the Croagunk clung to his shirt and showed no signs of letting go. "You are an interesting specimen indeed. Are you shiny? Unlikely, shininess implies a higher standing in the biological caste. No, you are something else entirely. Do you not fit in with other Croagunks? Does your coloration imply a difference in food chain placement? Does the same apply for bugs? You may be just the inspiration I was looking for. . .". Antonio gave Croagunk a name befitting the Queen of Frogs: Heqet.

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