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Tathum Xahk

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1Tathum Xahk Empty Tathum Xahk on Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:16 pm

Name: Tathum Xahk “Smoke”
Rank: I
Age: 25
Height: 6’
Body: Large, Muscular, Lightskin Black
Hair: Spiked backward, mostly red with a Black stripe going back from temple
Eyes: Green
Job: National Guard, Odd Jobs

Tathum is a generally quiet person who would much rather get things done than hold “meaningless” conversation. Tathum seems to be a generally angry person. He does not care whether or not he is left alone, but rathers not be spoken to unless he feels he can profit from it. On an unusual occasion Tathum will actually enjoy a “small talk” conversation, however mostly unless someone actively engages him in conversation. Tathum constantly fights back memories of war and will randomly walk away when he is zoned out. Loud noises bother him and he will quickly become angered and rigid when he hears any form of boisterous noise. Tathum will quickly react to dire situations to protect everyone involved.

Tathum was born in the Unova region to a loving mother and a complacent but adequate father. The family had two Pyroars imported from the Kalos region and just around the time that Tathum was born a Litleo joined the family. Tathum and the Litleo grew together, having their own adventures and maturing together. When Tathum grew to be 15 he knew that he wanted to join the army, so he and his Litleo began training together. Tathum physically fought with the Litleo for both of their training. Soon Tathum took his Litleo to train against other pokemon. They would always pick fights far more difficult than they could handle, but Tathum and his Litleo were determined and overcame any struggle they could possibly overcome. Finally the Litleo evolved when Tathum was 18, and he decided to name the Pyroar “Nguvu”. Nguvu was large for a Pyroar and very strong. Together they joined the army and quickly moved up the ranks. When an intense war broke out he was promoted to Sergeant First Class and was shipped out immediately. With a few goodbyes to his family he set off. He returned home at the age of 23 to find that his house had been sold and his family was nowhere to be found. There were no reports, no tombstones, and no leads, but he had no time to investigate, the war was still raging on. He was needed, so he and Nguvu went back to fight. Tathum and Nguvu were separated for a few battles and when Nguvu returned to Tathum he was severely injured. When the war was over Tathum resigned from active duty and signed on to the national guard instead. Broken up about his family and Nguvu, Tathum retired Nguvu entirely and regressed into himself. Tathum was ridiculed by the other soldiers of the army because of his resignation. The soldiers caused problems and blamed them on him, forcing the national guard to order a mandatory leave of absence two years later to investigate claims. Tathum and Nguvu traveled to Hoenn and now are waiting to return to service. As a form of therapy the national guard order him to get another Pokemon.

Species: Chimchar  Name: Haraka  Gender: Male  C1  EXP: 0
In the event that he was forced to have a new Pokemon, he travels around to find a Pokemon that would suit him. He went around and instead of fighting Pokemon he would just observe them and then walk away. Tathum began to do odd jobs around town and began to aid the professors in their efforts to lead new young trainers into their adventure. He was sent to retrieve starter Pokemon. At the end of his job he was offered a starter Pokemon to fill the required spot. He accepted a Chimchar and went about his way.

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