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Cinéad Mac Alasdair

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Name: Cinéad Mac Alasdair
Age: 17
Height: 5’9”
Body:  Slim and Athletic
Hair: Curly, Golden-Red
Eyes: Hazel
Job: Pokémon Rancher


       Cinéad is a very compassionate person, with a deep love for Pokémon and nature. He is hard working and puts forward his best effort working on his family's estate, caring for the Pokémon and the berry trees found there. He is also very respectful, approaching people in a very polite manner. Once he gets to know you, however, his sarcastic side may come out. He has a strong connection with his Pokémon and is as loyal to them as they are to him.


       Cinéad was born and raised on his family’s estate off of Route 3 in Unova. He was gifted his first Pokémon at the age of seven, from his grandmother. It came in the form of an egg, which he cared for as if it was already walking. When it hatched, a shiny eevee, he became braver than he had been in the past. With his new partner, he ventured out from the farm, into the greater part of the reserve. Ghrian, as he named him, had an extremely calm, patient nature. Perhaps that is why they get along so well.
       When Cinéad was twelve, he and Ghrian agreed to evolve him into a Flareon. He was now a full fledged trainer, partnered by Ghrian and three new Pokémon. His Herdier, Blaire; his Azumarill, Anála; and his Milotic, Aurelia. Delivering products from his family’s farm, he met lots of new trainers, experiencing battles and gaining a few gym badges in the process.
       By the age of Seventeen, Cinéad had acquired all but one badge, too preoccupied to make it up to Opelucid City. Now he runs Mac Alasdair Reserve, remaining in the Striaton City area when he is not doing business elsewhere.


Cinéad Mac Alasdair 136
Flareon, Ghrian : Male : Level 68
Bite, Ember, Fire Fang, Fire Spin

When he was seven years old, his grandmother gave him the egg of an Eevee and tasked him with caring for it for the weeks it would take for it to hatch. She seemed to know that it was special, not being surprised when it hatched to be shiny. Cinéad cared for it over the years and they formed a very special bond, only deciding to evolve when they were both ready, five years later. Now a Flareon, they are both much stronger. Rósta has a calm nature that helps to balance his trainer’s attentiveness to detail.

Cinéad Mac Alasdair 350
Milotic, Aurelia : Female
Water Pulse , Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring

At the age of nine, Cinéad was rather adventurous, though not so much as to leave home. He spent his days with Rósta, exploring the extensive acres of his family’s estate. One day, while the two were playing in the lake, Cinéad felt something nibbling on his toes. Startled, he climbed up onto a rock in the lake, peering down into the depths to try and spot what it was. That was when Aurélia, a Feebas, spit water in his face. He carried it home and, despite being told how ugly it was by his sister, kept it. Aurélia’s scales grew more beautiful every year until she finally evolved. She has a bold nature and is very caring, not caring for unnecessary fighting. Her powers are often lent
towards calming the minds of arguing humans.

Cinéad Mac Alasdair 508
Stoutland, Blaire : Male
Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Take Down

Cinéad caught Blaire as a Lillipup on his third day as a trainer. He has always been very reliable. Blaire has a very careful nature and often worries about Cinéad and his family. His tracking skills are amazing and he has often helped his trainer get out of trouble

Cinéad Mac Alasdair 184

Azumarill, Anála : Female
Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Surf

Cinéad found Anála during his first week as a trainer. She was hiding in the foliage on the bank of a creek, having been separated from the rest of her family. He, Ghrian and Blaire were out playing and Blaire caught her scent. He quickly located her and when Cinéad pulled back the reeds he was shocked to see the little golden bubble of a Pokémon cowering there. He scooped her up and, after talking to her for a good while, she warmed up to him, losing her fear. They never did find her family, but she agreed to join his party. Anála is very brave now that she is with Cinéad. Despite how gentle and motherly she is with the rest of the Pokémon in the team, she will not hesitate to protect them when she feels that they are being threatened.

Cinéad Mac Alasdair 357
Tropius, Marina : Female
Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Solar Beam, Fly

Marina has belonged to Cinéad since he took over the reserve. She was a gift from one of his partners on the coast and since she has become part of the team, she has proven more than useful. He designed a wagon with a special harness so that she could pull him when he delivered his berries and other products to the surrounding areas, as well as a saddle that he uses to ride her when he doesn’t have a load to carry. She has a hardy nature and Cinéad has to pay close attention to her. If he doesn’t, she will work herself past her limit, not hinting that she needs a break. She is dedicated to him and always makes it to her destination.

Cinéad Mac Alasdair 037
Vulpix, Aislin : Female
Ember, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Flame Burst

Cinéad received Aislin’s egg last year. Since she hatched, her modest nature has caused her fit in rather well on her trainer’s team. She is exceedingly smart and often surprises everybody with the things she comes up with.

Cinéad Mac Alasdair 216
Teddiursa, Bearach :  Male
Covet, Scratch, Attract, Rest

Cinéad adopted Bearach into his team on his last trip to Nuvema Town, delivering berries to Professor Juniper’s Lab from his family’s orchard. The Professor had recently received the toddler Pokémon from her colleague, Professor Birch, in Hoenn. Noticing how well Cinéad got along with his Pokémon, she decided ask him if he had room for one more on his team. Bearach has a jolly nature and is content to spend his time with his trainer and his teammates.

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