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Sarah's Home {and other info on the WWCC}

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1Sarah's Home {and other info on the WWCC} Empty Sarah's Home {and other info on the WWCC} on Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:54 pm

Sarah's cabin is in the second 'road' out from the main office cabin. with each generation of Couriers hired a road is added in order to keep all of the age groups together. Generally the single girls/boys have their own shared cabins. when someone gets married they get their on cabin with their spouse.

Cabins are often shared by people of the same 'Family', meaning they were mentored by the same person. Most families have a specialty in pokemon, such as grass or ghost. The Alex family only have Evees or Eveelutions as their main partner pokemon.

Sarah shares her Cabin with currently only two other girls; Kayla the current Flareon trainer for the family and the current leafeon trainer with her protegee.

The complex it's self is the size of a small town, with a wooden fence surrounding it and a main gate up front.

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