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Zakari Izumi

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1Zakari Izumi Empty Zakari Izumi on Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:21 pm

Name: Zakari Izumi
Age: 17 (May 16)
Height: 5’8”
Body: Skinny
Hair: Scarlet Red
Eyes: Green
Job: Pokemon Trainer

Personality: Zakari is a very laid-back, kind, funny person, but he always does what needs to be done. He almost never turns down a Pokemon battle and is often found playing outside with his Pokemon. Zakarii is also a very “techie” person and enjoys helping people with computer-related activities. His uncle is constantly on adventures in the Sinnoh region and Zakari dreams of one day moving there and having a home near the Verity Lakefront.

History: Zakari grew up just outside Nimbasa City on Route 16. He befriended his first Pokemon at age 8 and set out on his journey as a Pokemon Trainer at age 11. He has all 8 of the Unova gym badges and finished the Unova League shortly after turning 17. When he isn’t on an adventure he typically stays with Cinead at his farm.


Zakari Izumi Minccino_BW
1) Minccino
Nickname: Hikari (Light)
Gender: Male
Age Met: 8
Pokeball: Luxury Ball
Moveset: Slam, Tail Slap, Hyper Voice, Sing
~Hikari is Zakari’s partner for life. He found him in a tree near his home on Route 16 when he was 8 years old. Zakari had been playing outside when a Minccino had stolen his hat. After searching for nearly an hour, he found the Minccino in a tree next to it. He and the Minccino became friends and after a few weeks of visiting him at his home Zakari took in the Minccino as his first Pokemon. The Minccino always visited him as soon as the sun was up, so Zakari named him “Hikari”. Since then Hikari has remained his best friend.

Zakari Izumi Free_shiny_umbreon_icon_by_mistickyumon-d4rxtw3
2) Umbreon (Shiny)
Nickname: Yoru (Night)
Gender: Female
Age Met: 16
Pokeball: Standard Pokeball
Moveset: Snarl, Dark Pulse, Bite, Quick Attack
~Yoru was given to Zakari as an Eevee egg found on Cinead’s farm during his journey. Upon hatching into a shiny Eevee, Zakari was very delighted. One afternoon Hikari (Zakari’s Minccino) had run away from camp looking for berries, but had not returned by nightfall. Zakari and Eevee set out looking for him only to find Hikari being chased by two Venipede. At this moment Eevee ran toward the two Venipede and started to fight them off; afterward evolving into Umbreon. This is when Zakari named her “Yoru”. Yoru has remained about the size of an Eevee, rather than growing to the size of most Umbreon.

Zakari Izumi Empoleon_animated
3) Empoleon
Nickname: Victor
Gender: Male
Age Met: 10
Pokeball: Standard Pokeball
Moveset: Dive, Hyper Beam, Surf, Hydro Pump
~Empoleon was gifted to Zakari by his uncle as a Prinplup after one of his travels to the Sinnoh region. Empoleon tends to dislike strangers; especially those that approach Zakari.

Zakari Izumi Bth_Chandelure2
4) Chandelure
Nickname: Aine
Gender: Female
Age Met: 14
Pokeball: Dusk Ball
Moveset: Hex, Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball
~Zakari found Chandelure as a Litwick trapped behind a shelf in an abandoned warehouse.

Zakari Izumi Shiny_luxray_sprite_by_night1010-d4s5qnu
5) Luxray (Shiny)
Nickname: Eze
Gender: Male
Age Met: 10
Pokeball: Ultra Ball
Moveset: Wild Charge, Superpower, Thunder Fang, Discharge
~Luxray was gifted to Zakari by his uncle after one of his travels to the Sinnoh region. Luxray enjoys having his fur groomed.

Zakari Izumi ShinyMetagross
6) Metagross (Shiny)
Nickname: Takumashi
Gender: N/A
Age Met: 15
Pokeball: Quick Ball
Moveset: Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Hammer Arm, Zen Headbutt
~Zakari encountered his shiny Metagross while exploring the Giant Chasm in the northern section of Unova. He had never seen a shiny Pokemon in the wild before, so he of course was very careful not to harm it too much before capturing it.

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