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Ice to meet you

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1Ice to meet you Empty Ice to meet you on Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:48 pm

Snowflakes fell slowly from the sky coating everything in it's path with fluffy blankets of glowing white snow. Natasha watched one in particular fall downwards. A snowflake smaller than the rest, yet still as beautiful and radiant as the rest. The small one stood out to her. It reminded her of how small she was compared to others. Everyone else saw her as small and meaningless, but inside did that size given to her by her peers truly apply to how big her heart was. Her eyes followed it downwards and she drowned in her thoughts.

"No snowflake is the same.." she thought aloud "So none of them are better than the other, despite the size of one or how far it fell. They are all beautiful and made the same on the inside, so no one can judge one from the other or say one is more evil than the others."

Her eyes traced the snowflake's movements carefully, being cautious not to confuse it with another.

"In the end" She said extending her hand to scoop a bit of snow off a post without adverting her vision from her targeted snowflake "They all fall together. They all form one beautiful pile of snow. None of them can be sorted from the others, because they have formed an unbreakable bond. They aren't individuals anymore. They are a team. They are one being. Stronger and more beautiful together. They are formed and fall together, and they melt and cease to exist together. From coming to be until vanishing, they are all meant to be together."

"They are partners" She let the snow run through her fingers back into the beautiful abyss it belonged to and watched the snowflake come to its landing point. It drifted ever so slowly to land on a nose. The nose of the girl who was her snowflake. The girl who was the only beautiful piece of snow that hadn't melted away from Natasha. The snowflake landed softly on the tip of her nose and melted slowly as if it didn't want to go. In its last seconds it liquidized into a small sparkling drop of the memory of what was once that snowflake, and slid off of the tip of her nose dropping a large distance to join it's original home. It was almost sad to Natasha, but she drew her eyes from where the drop landed back to the girl.

"Partners..." She breathed with her lips spreading into just the slightest detection of a smile towards the girl "Like us, Naomi."

Best friends She thought to herself Just like us, Naomi. She pulled down her sleeve over her hand and wiped the remaining dew of the snowflake off her nose. She looked back to the city they had finally arrived to. They were assigned to travel and advertise Team Plasma's motives. Natasha decided since her partner love Ice-Types so much, to come here, Icirrus City.

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2Ice to meet you Empty Re: Ice to meet you on Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:42 pm

Naomi watched Natasha gaze at the snowflakes, thinking to herself. She then turned her attention to her Glaceon, Lisa. Lisa enjoyed the cold, being an Ice type Pokemon and all. Naomi has always loved the cold. People say her heart is as cold as ice. Maybe that's why she loves ice types so much.
She heard Natasha speaking. "What are you going on about?" she paused as Natasha continued. Naomi didn't really like deep thinking moments. Or even a warm hearted speech. But she didn't mind Natasha's.
Partners she thought. Who would have thought that I would actually have a friend like Natasha. We've been through a lot together. Ew, what am I saying... she stopped.
"Yeah. Like us." Naomi managed a slight smile. She saw her home town and remembers her past experience. She shook the memories off. I'm here to work. Not feel sorry for myself. "Looks like were here. How about we contact our boss to hear what he wants us to do?"

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