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Nico Kirkwood

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1Nico Kirkwood Empty Nico Kirkwood on Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:15 pm

Name: Nico Kirkwood
Nicknames: --
Rank: I
Age: Sixteen
Height: 5’5”
Body: Thin
Hair: Platinum
Eyes: Blue
Job: Pokemon Breeder in Training

A bit of a loner, Nico is very quiet. He doesn't really talk a lot but enjoys wandering around in nature and enjoying the scenery and playing with wild Pokemon. He gets easily flustered at compliments and hardly ever gets mad, however if pushed far enough the devil himself couldn't save you. Due to his love of nature and wild Pokemon, he never really had his own until he was much older. Often times Nico would be outside sketching or taking pictures, just quiet activities that seemed to match his personality. He grew up in Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh region and others joke that because of this it made him "cold and emotionless", when in reality it just gave him more of a chance to enjoy the simpler things in life. However due to growing up in a town covered in snow year round, other weather affects startle him and he's gained a fear of thunderstorms. Going on the journey was actually not something he wanted, but his parents insisted, hoping it would help him open up and become more outgoing.

Born in the frozen forest of Snowpoint City, Nico grew up loving the cold. It also gave him a chance to be around Pokemon from a young age with Route 216, Route 217, Lake Acuity, and Mt. Coronet all nearby. Often times his parents would accompany their son on his adventures into the snowy areas to play with wild Pokemon or just enjoy the snow covered landscape. More often than not, they would wake up to an empty house and later find their son at Lake Acuity playing with the Magikarps from the bank of water. This lead them to eventually letting him go off on his own because he knew the area well enough and was smart enough to know which Pokemon to stay away from. As time went on, he went farther out on his own, eventually going to Mt. Coronet on his own, something his parents told him to never do. After going missing for three days, the boy eventually returned to his home and into the arms of his parents. He never told them what happened in the three days he was gone, but since the incident he had been a lot quieter and not quite as cheery as he had been before.

Despite his change after his misadventure in the mountains, Nico continued his exploration of the nearby territories. However he tended to stick closer to Lake Acuity, knowing the Magikarps were fond of him and all the stronger Pokemon were on the other side of the lake and couldn't reach him without swimming. After two years of Nico's quiet streak and even his refusal to start his adventure when he reached the age of ten, his parents decided that perhaps they had been too lenient on their son. He was either up in his room sleeping or out in the territories drawing. He hardly ate dinner with them anymore and wasn't very fond of Mt. Coronet much, though they had noticed days he'd approach it, but quickly turn around before entering. Nico's parents took it upon themselves to travel to Sandgem Town and talk to Pofessor Rowan, hoping to get advice on how to help their son. However his advice was simply a journey, something Nico had refused. His other advice was a Pokemon, but he had none to give the worrisome couple. Heading home with heavy hearts and worry, traveling through Route 202 they came upon a Shinx that looked at the couple confused but happy, not attacking them. Seeing potential and with no ideas left, they brought the Shinx home with them.

Nico didn't touch the Pokeball for months. In fact, he put it in his drawer and attempted to forget he had it. His parents were heartbroken, feeling their son was truly going to waste his life sitting at a snowy lake bank saying nothing as he stared at the sky. One day when Nico returned home however, the Shinx was sitting on his bed. Not making eye contact with it, he moved to put it back in it's Pokeball, only to find the ball missing.  His parents were going to force him to bond with the electric Pokemon even if it killed them. Nico spent many days just sitting in his room ignoring the small electric Pokemon playing in the corner or chewing on his shoes. It was like taking care of a baby, a burden. That's why he had never wanted one and stuck to the wild ones he could simply leave after he was done for the day. However after waking up one morning and finding the Shinx missing and the Pokeball back in his drawer, he felt a bit lonely. He lasted two long days before letting the Shinx back out of it's ball and into Nico's heart. Due to the lonliness that filled Nico when his Shinx was in it's ball, he told the Pokemon that he would never put it back in there unless absolutely necessary and the Shinx mostly travels nuzzled in Nico's arms.

With a new best friend and a slightly happier attitude, Nico's parents had one last ploy to get their son away from the snow covered town and out into the world. Coming home from the lake one day and finding his home locked and a bag outside, their was a note attatched to it along with a ticket to the Hoenn region, the region farthest away from his home in Snowpoint. Biting his lip and swallowing his pride, Nico and his Shinx, who he had kindly named Cress, started on their way to the Hoenn region and to the beginning of their new lives.

Nico Kirkwood 403
Shinx; Cress :: Male :: Jolly :: Level C2 :: 120 EXP
Cress is a lighthearted and energetic Shinx. Originally captured by Nico's parents as a way to get him to open up more, Cress was eventually the key for his trainer to doing just that. He's very affectionate to Nico and enjoys spending time with his trainer, despite Nico's quiet personality. Having been in Snowpoint City a few months with Nico before starting their journey, Cress became quite fond of the lake near Nico's hope where he could chase the Magikarp from the bank while his trainer watched with a small smile. He's very protective of Nico and will not hesitate to attack anyone who he thinks has hurt him, whether it be human or Pokemon.

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