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Brilliant Bonds[OPEN]

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Mizu woke up to a beautiful morning. "Good morning Kita and Jackie." She said and they greeted her back. She got dressed and fixed up her hair. She was always wearing her white bathing suit underneath her clothes in case she ever had the chance to go for a swim. She just decided to put on a cute grey sundress over it. Her Pokemon stayed outside of there Pokeballs when she was home. Mizu's parents installed a pool in the backyard for Mizu and her sister. Nami and Yuki normally stayed in the pool over night while Kita and Jackie slept with Mizu. She went down stairs to see what her sister Tori was up to, Kita and Jackie following close behind her.
"Morning sis, grandma called and wants you to help her with some things today." Tori paused. "I made you some pancakes."
"Oh wow! Thanks!"
"I fed your Pokemon outside, you should get some food for Kita and Jackie." She suggested, petting her Vulpix who was curled up on her lap. Her sister's favorite type was fire types so she was raising a bunch!
"Okay." Mizu walked over to the shelf and grabbed a box of water type and normal type Pokemon food. Kita and Jackie were already holding up their bowls for her to pour it in. Mizu giggled and filled the bowl up half way. Mizu sat down at the table where her sister was and ate her pancakes. When Mizu, Jackie, and Kita finished she went outside to return her Pokemon. She also returned Kita to his Pokeball and had Jackie stay by her side. She went back inside and grabbed her small blue backpack and placed the two Pokeballs inside of it. She then packed it with some snacks, Pokemon food, a pair of goggles, her black jacket with a Vaporeon design on it, and a flat inflatable beach ball. She hugged her sister goodbye and exited out the door with Jackie hopping behind.

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Conri's Mother walked into his room and shook him gently from his sleep, "It is time to get up, Conri. I am leaving for work."

Blinking away his sleep, he sat up in bed, still hugging his eevee in his arms. Tryden was the eevee that Conri got at the Wellspring Daycare a few weeks ago. The Pokémon was small for his type, obviously young. It squeaked happily at Conri's mom, "Eee!"

No longer being used as a pillow, Gwyn was able to jump down from the bed and shake herself, fluffing her wool back to its proper condition. Satisfied, she too greeted Ms. Martyn, "Maree."

Aurey crawled out from under the covers and up Conri's arm, finally coming to a rest on top of the boys head, amongst the messy hair, "Jol-tik..." Like his trainer, the little spider was still a bit drowsy.

Ms. Martyn giggled softly and stood up, walking towards the door, "I'll see you later, honey."

With that, Conri finally looked at the clock. His eyes grew wide and he jumped up, almost dropping Tryden. Aurey held on to his trainer's bed-head for dear life. Placing the eevee on the ground, the boy ran to the bathroom.

When he looked in the mirror, he laughed, spotting his joltik on his head. Taking him off and setting him on the counter, he quickly ran a comb through his hair. He brushed his teeth and put on his clothes before rushing down the hall with Aurey on his shoulder. Gwyn and Tryden followed closely behind him. He grabbed his backpack and a large leppa berry off of the table before he took off out the door.

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As Mizu walked outside she passed her neighbor's houses and saw a boy run out. He had three adorable Pokemon. She saw that he also owned an Eevee just like her. Perhaps they could be friends. Mizu being the outgoing child she is decided to say hello before he bolted off. She caught him before he got to far. Jackie ran ahead of her and stood in front of the grey haired boy. "Eeveee!~" she greeted him. "Hey!" Mizu said as she walked over to Jackie. "Sorry, she's really friendly." Mizu said. "I'm Mizu. I live right over there." She pointed to her house. She turned back to him and smiled, tilting her head and closing her eyes. She then turned her attention to his Pokemon. "You're Pokemon are really cute! Could I pet them?" She asked. She learned to always ask because Pokemon all have different natures.

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